Welcome to the Blog of author, Lisa V. Proulx!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy my writings, thoughts and sometimes goofy meanderings!

I am the author of the vampire novel PUNCTURE that was released in 2004. I am excited to say that I am in the process of rewriting the book and it will be released with a new twist and a new cover in December 2011. Look for an excerpt in my blog pages!

I am also the author of the short horror story, MOTHER’S MONSTER, which was published in the anthology, DOSES OF DEATH in 2005.

My two latest horror novels have just hit the virtual bookshelves!

“DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS” is a spooky tale of a man who murders his wife, gets killed in prison and is sent to Hell. After making a deal with the devil (who does that?) he is sent on a mission to Heaven to retrieve his dead wife’s soul. Along the way he is met by angels looking for bribes, conned by demons and faced with his own karmic debt. Will he find his wife among the angels or is his deal with the devil an evil plan that only Satan himself could conjur?

“BENEATH THE BATTLEFIELD” is a civil war ghost story about a young man writing about the horrors of war in letters to his mother back home. After a bloody day at Antietam, his life is forever altered and he becomes frightened by the changes around him.

Both can be found at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/lisavproulx

COMING SOON…”KING OF SHADOWS”…a dark and wispy tale of an angry and vicious man who is hell bent on raising his wayward son even though the man committed suicide and is no longer an earthly being but a demon from beyond the shadows.

Look for this exciting new horror novel in November 2011!



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5 responses to “Welcome to the Blog of author, Lisa V. Proulx!

  1. Great new blog site! Can’t wait to read your books!

  2. Phyllis Burral-Lopez

    I loved your book Puncture and I can’t waot to read the new ones!!

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