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My name is Victoria Edwards and I am a private book reviewer. I love all kinds of books in every genre. I am here with author Lisa V. Proulx, who just released her two latest horror novels, DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS and BENEATH THE BATTLEFIELD. They are now available for immediate download on Kindle, Nook and many other electronic devices (see site info below)

Hi Lisa, I am happy to meet you!
Thanks you too! Thank you for meeting with me. My middle name is Victoria.

So, that’s what the V stands for? Is it a family name?
Yes, my mom’s middle name was also Victoria but she later used it as her first name and we are both named after her grandmother, Mallie Victoria Ward.

First off, how do you pronounce your last name?
(laughs) If I only had a nickel…the O, the L, and the X are silent, like PRU.

Oh, like Annie Proulx the writer, any relation?
Probably somewhere down the line but I don’t know her. I think there are several different strains of Proulx families that are all different. My father’s side of the family is from Canada.

So, there is a lot of excitement surrounding your new books. How did they come about?
Well, DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS was written several years ago and started off as a short story, but I didn’t know where to stop so it just kept going. (laughs)

I live in a very historic part of Maryland near Antietam Battlefield and for some reason the story about the soldier just popped into my head.

Could you tell us a little bit about them?
Yes, DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS is about a man who is a vicious brute and he kills his wife one night in a drunken rage. He is sent to prison where his tough guy act follows him and he is killed by a group of inmates. Once dead, he is sent to Hell and makes a deal with the devil (who does that right?) and the deal is, his soul for hers. But the trick is, he has to go to Heaven, find her and bring Satan back her soul.

Wow, sounds like a wild trip?
Yeah, he meets with con-angels he has to bribe, demons who are trying to deceive him, and facing his own karmic debt. He must follow two road maps, one to Heaven and one back down to Hell. It’s pretty crazy!

What may I ask is a con-angel?
(laughs) Well as the devil explains it, he was once an angel too and he still has some low friends in high places.

And your other new book?
BENEATH THE BATTLEFIELD is a civil war ghost story about a young man who is writing to his mother back home, describing the horrors of war and everyday camp life. After a bloody day at Antietam, his surroundings change and he becomes aware of certain aspects of his campsite that he cannot explain.

What’s next for you?
My next book KING OF SHADOWS is set for release on November 25.

Tell me about that?
KING OF SHADOWS is about a vicious and dangerous man who is hell-bent on raising his wayward son, even though the man is dead, a suicide, and is no longer an earthly being but a demon hidden in the shadows.

You seem to write a lot about evil men. Do I see a pattern emerging?
Yeah, well, in my books you will usually find a very bad man, a very good girl who turns bad for him or because of him and it’s basically just like in life, good vs. evil and the woman always win. (laughs)

In your first book, the vampire novel PUNCTURE, was this the case?
Yes, Victor and Veronica, same thing.

Tell me about PUNCTURE.
Well, before Edward and Bella there was Victor and Veronica. I even have a chapter titled “Twilight” and the book came out in 2004, long before the Stephanie Myers books were published. PUNCTURE is the story of a love gone wrong; an abusive relationship with a vampire twist. It’s about a young spiritual woman who meets up with an old friend, falls in love and when she realizes who he has become, it’s too late…or is it? Veronica struggles between the urge to stay human and do the right thing and the lust she has for Victor to do all that is wrong. Will she turn her back on righteousness or try to find her footing on the Christian path? Every woman knows a man like Victor…

What do you mean by “every woman knows a man like Victor?”
Well, when PUNCTURE first came out, every woman who bought the book told me the exact same thing. “He is just like my brother…He is just like my ex-husband…my father…my boss…” whoever it was they all knew a man like Victor. A verbal abusing bully who tries to control a woman and make her into what he wants and if she falls for that, the real her will eventually just ebb away. Every woman knows a man like that, I guarantee they do!

What other stories have you had published?
One in 2005, called “MOTHER‘S MONSTER”, published in the anthology “Doses of Death”. It was a neat collaborative effort between me and two other authors who wanted to put a book together. Plus a poem called “SCREAMS OF NO REPLY” that was published when I was in high school (9th grade).

What school did you attend?
I went to Boonsboro Middle and graduated from Boonsboro High in 1982.

Did you always want to be a writer?
No, I wanted to be a super model and marry a rock star but I wasn’t tall enough for runway and the writing thing just stuck (no height requirements). Plus I think at the time, Joe Perry (of Aerosmith) was busy or already married. (laughs)

What are your hobbies?
I am also a belly dancer, I love to garden, work outside and mow grass. I love tools and working around the house. I am an awesome cook who loves to be in the kitchen and I am very passionate about animals.

Any favorite authors, beside yourself?
My favorite author is Jeanne Kalogridis who wrote “Covenant of the Vampire” which is the true story of Dracula. She is an expert on the subject and I could not put the book down. It was so beautiful, it read like music. I could read it over and over.

In PUNCTURE, Veronica has two guard dogs, Kurgan and Lucy. Who are they? Kurgan is my 13-year-old purebred male Rottweiler and is the love of my life. I have had him since he was only 10 weeks old. Lucy was his mate, a purebred female Rottweiler, who sadly passed away in 2005 at the age of 7. My king and queen of the Rottweiler world. Kurgan is laying here by my feet as I speak.

Where can PUNCTURE be found?
On, Horrorfind, The Vampire Library, The Vamp List and many other sites online. Just do a Google search of me and you will find them. I am happy to announce that I will be rewriting PUNCTURE and the re-vamped (pun intended) version will be released in December 2011.

Why are you rewriting it?
Well for one thing, my contract with the publisher was up this year (2011) in January. When it first came out in 2004, I was a different person then. I have grown in my writing and my style is a lot different now. I also have a new cover which is really awesome. I can’t wait for my fans to see it!

Has there been a lot of interest in the new PUNCTURE?
Actually yes! I am very excited with the outpouring of support. I have a lot of fans asking me about it, wondering if there will there be a sequel and so on.

Well, will there be a sequel?
I don’t think so right now. I have some other books in the works and not sure if a sequel to PUNCTURE is going to happen.

I read on your website that you feel like you are not doing the writing but the characters are actually writing through you. Care to explain?
Yeah, sounds kinda nutty when you say it out loud. (laughs) What I mean is, and I think every writer will tell you this too, is that I feel like the characters are real with a real voice. They can’t speak for themselves so I do it for them.

Do you write only horror?
No, in fact I just finished writing a memoir this summer and I am shopping for an agent for this one.

Tell me about it.
It is the true story of a young girl, Virgie, growing up poor in the mountains of Appalachia during the Depression. Moving in and out of coal mining camps, she is abused, hungry and alone. Her mother becomes the town whore and is later arrested. Virgie makes the decision to leave Kentucky when she finds out her mother is having an affair with the young man Virgie loves.

Wow, sounds very interesting?
Thank you, it has a unique history.

How so?
Well, my mother actually started writing the story when I was a little girl but she never finished it. When she became ill in 2005, she asked me to take over the task of writing it for her. She literally asked me on her deathbed. How could I say no?

Any other non-fiction?
Yes, I wrote one about my mother after she passed away in 2006 titled, “THE RAINBOW WON’T WAIT” which is a collection of pieces of advice that she gave me growing up and how I was able to rely on them when she got sick and ultimately passed away. I am hoping to get that released too.

Can your fans contact you?
Yes, I am very approachable and can be reached at I answer all emails personally and will respond to all who write. I would love to hear from them!

Where can we find your books?
You can check out my author profile on Smashwords and there you will have access to my books

Do you have a website and blog?
My website address is:

My blog is:

Thank you Lisa and I wish you success in finding an agent!
Thank you Victoria, I appreciate all of your support!


DRAGGED INTO DARKNESS is a scary and quirky tale about a bad man Frankie who kills a good woman, Angela. After being sent to prison, his real troubles begin after he is killed by an inmate, goes to Hell and is met with the devil who wears a three-piece suit. The story takes Frankie on a wild ride as he makes a deal with the devil to get him out of Hell. The devil is no dummy and sees an opportunity to strike a deal with this Guido and sends him up to Heaven to retrieve his dead wife’s soul.
What follows is a scary and often terrifying trip as he is forced to follow two separate road maps, one to Heaven and one back down to Hell. All along the road he is faced with “con-angels” looking for bribes, demons hell-bent on tricking him on his path and forced to face his own demons from his murderous past.
The story is very well written and I found myself falling deeper and deeper into the tale and I actually lost track of time. Lisa V. Proulx is emerging as one of the newest horror writers to scare the living hell out of me. Good job! It takes a lot to scare an old broad like me but this book did.
5 Star Rating!

BENEATH THE BATTLEFIELD is a ghost story that takes place during the Civil War and is actually told through letters written by young soldier Daniel Ward to his mother recalling the horrible days of war and “the necessary drudgery of camp life”. In between the letters, we get a view of what Daniel sees and feels being a young man far from his family farm and in the middle of battle. We learn how soldiers of his day were eager to join the fight and were actually afraid the war would be over before they got a chance to defend their land and after a bloody surge at Antietam, Daniel’s life is forever changed.
The story is well written and there is a sadness about it. I guess reading the letters made me think about the horrors of Antietam and how these young men perished. At times, it is almost as though Lisa was actually there with the men on the battlefield recalling their every detail. I loved the ending and when I read the last paragraph, I actually gasped, it was so touching. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from this up and coming author!
5 Star Rating!


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