'KING OF SHADOWS" Coming November 25th!!!

     My sleepy eyes opened to see a figure in the room, a shadow of a man standing over me.
     “Where is he Lucinda?” came the voice from the shadows.
     “Darien? How…you’re…” my words stuck in my throat like caramel corn and I almost choked on them as my breath caught them on the way down.
     “Where is he Lucinda?” he asked again.
     “How can this be? You’re dead! Why can’t I see your face? How is…”
     “Shh,” he said, “I will tell you how this is to be. I am a suicide as you well know, and that my dear was my mistake. But in making that grave error in judgment I became lost in my search for Heaven. A heaven that held no place for me. After being turned away from a salvation that I could only dream of, I was found by something greater than anything I had ever hoped of achieving. Someone who understood my pain, understood the sorrow of being cast away from what should rightfully be mine, someone, Lucinda who has cast upon me this veil of shadows, this cloak of darkness that I must wear like a second skin. I am no one, a nobody, that is why you cannot see my face but you know what lies beneath my disguise.”
     “What do you want here Darien? Please leave us alone!”
     “My son, Lucinda. My son is a part of me, he has accepted me as his father and half of him is mine, and as I was evil in life, I am even more so in death.”
     “Accept you? He doesn’t even know you. What are you talking about?”
     “Ah, but he does know me. Unlike the first child you carried for me who would not accept me and denied me for so long. A man can only stand for so much and then no more. Why do you think I resisted him as my son? I knew…he knew. No Lucinda, this is the right one. Derek is the one and he is coming with me.”
    “What do you want with him? You can’t have him! This is insane!” I screamed at the shadow before me.
     “I already have him. He’s almost a year old is he not? The teaching has already begun and soon you will lose him to me and there will be nothing you can do, nothing. Then when the time is right, he will follow me into my world and be the son I have longed for.”
     I began sobbing and screaming at the same time and suddenly he was gone. My eyes frantically traced the room for any sign of him but he was no longer there.

King of Shadows Copyright 2011 Lisa V. Proulx


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