Well, I’ve been off line for about a week now fighting what I can only describe as the Plague! I am still coughing my head off but have managed to crawl my way frm the couch to the computer to share this awesome review with you!

John Hose writes a cool blog called Ramblings of John and was kind enough to give my book KING OF SHADOWS a really neat review! Check it out!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Book Review – King of Shadows by Lisa V. Proulx

A Frightening Dark Tale

Hailing from the same part of the country, I quickly recognize and feel familiar with the Western Maryland vernacular and style utilized by the author, Lisa V. Proulx, an acquaintance from high school, in her newest book, titled “King of Shadows”. How we manage to think, speak and apparently write in this odd mixture of Atlantic coast, southern and Appalachian still perplexes me even after I moved away from the region more than thirty years ago.

Without revealing too much, Lisa spins, as intended, a horrifying thriller about a young boy, Derek, partially raised by the trapped evil spirit of his dead father. The plot weaves a trail that proves to be both imaginative and tight, with an unexpected bizarre twist at the end. I read the book in only two sittings during my busy schedule which reveals the engrossing nature of this well crafted work of fiction. I say fiction but knowing Lisa, I wonder how much is autobiographical when I read of the dogs, Harleys, Peter Frampton posters, and more. I realize that as authors we draw much from the real experiences in our lives whether or not we’re spending our time developing fiction.

I would highly recommend “King of Shadows” to all readers, particularly those warped enough to enjoy the horror genre. The book is available on and I obtained the Kindle version for only $2.99, a real bargain. I also understand that Lisa is preparing to re-release her first novel, “Puncture”, a tale of a vampire loving a mortal on December 1st. I look forward to reading that as well.

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