UPCOMING EVENTS!!! You’re gonna LOVE these!!!

Hey everyone!

Well, it looks like Mother Nature is giving us a break from the winter blues. Here in Maryland it is warm like Springtime. But I hear it is going to be brutally cold this weekend. Darn it! Just when I was getting out my Daisy Dukes!

I have a few things going on that may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…okay that may be pushing it a bit but it can still be fun!

AUTHOR INVITE: Every month I am going to be inviting one writer/author to my blog for an interview. That way you, as readers can check out other books on the shelves as well as mine. Hopefully, they will invite me to their blog as well! 🙂 If you are an author and are interested in this invite, please let me know. My home email is below you can contact me on FaceBook.

REVIEW SWAP: Another fun thing I am going to be doing is to offer another writer a chance for a review of his or her book. I will read their book and give them a review in turn, they can do the same for me. As writers, we NEED reviews to get people’s attention and I think this is a fun way to do that. If you are interested in doing this too, please let me know.

MONTHLY CONTEST: I am also going to be having a monthly contest where one winner will receive a FREE copy of one of my eBooks~your choice! The fun part is, the rules…don’t you hate that word. Come on, this will be fun!!!

If you follow my FaceBook page, Fan Page or Blog or all three (thank you) you will see I am starting to put things on there like USELESS INFORMATION and my Favorite Things and all that. Once a month, I am going to ask a question and you will have to find the answer somewhere in my writings and ramblings.

For example: 

Q: What is my favorite soap opera?

A: Days of our Lives

You will have three days to find the answer and then everyone can send me your answers and where you found it and I will put all the names in a hat and pick the winner! See, how hard is that? 

ALSO: As you know my latest book, ‘THE RAINBOW WON’T WAIT” is being released next week! Yippee!!! Yes, it’s a different genre than you may be used to from me but I can write other things beside horror novels. I am still writing the scary stuff, in fact I am working on another one now, but I wanted to introduce you to a book that is very dear to my heart.

It is a tribute to my mother Victoria and is a “dying mother’s advice to the obstinate daughter she is leaving behind.”

When I was in college, I took two years of Public Speaking and LOVED it! I plan on bringing the book out into paperback and go on speaking tours to not only promote the book but to be a motivational speaker. Any advice on how to get started would be greatly appreciated!

I feel the world wants to be healed not hurt. I want to make a difference in someone’s life. 🙂

Thanks for your continued love and support! 🙂

(¸.·´ (¸.·’*Lisa¸.·*´¨)

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