Meet author PIERRE GILSON~Author of the Week! Author of WORLD WITHOUT A HOME!


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Well, it’s Sunday and you know what that means…AUTHOR OF THE WEEK! Today I am hosting Pierre Gilson who is a very talented artist and author. I hope you enjoy meeting him!

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Today I want to introduce you to a handsome and talented author and artist PIERRE GILSON!

Pierre is known as a “Writer of Epics” and is the author of WORLD WITHOUT A HOME, a gritty portrayal of a war torn nation and how the fate of that nation lies on the shoulders of one man, Ares Strife, to bring peace into an unsettled world.

He describes Ares as, “One of the main protagonists, unsure of himself at times but has confidence willing to help him make that change into something better than what he is now. His growth in the story will be noticed during every step that he takes in the Military and in all of Alpine and throughout the other lands of Gaia.”

When describing himself, he says, “I am a writer who likes to think of myself as an “Epic Novelist.” I am currently twenty years of age and of Haitian-African descent. Born in the great city of Dover, Delaware; residing in Phenix City, Alabama. During my years I have writen a variety of things such as poems, songs, and stories. Currently in college, I have been called truly gifted by my instructors. The only goal I have is to have people look at my work and see what I have seen all my life, a success. “

He is tudying creative writing at Chattahoochee Valley University and is fluent in English, Haitian Creole and French.

Some Fun Facts about WWOAH : This whole story and it’s entirety started as a poem in a College library.

Lone Sharks-Submariners that do all aquatic based missions. Such as infiltrate an enemy ships, find and locate lost material, and plant devices on submarines. They are required to hold their breath beyond the limit while under sea levels. A special pressure resistant suit is given to ease the pain on the body.

Although the book is about war, Pierre adds, “I didn’t put a lot of romance in Vol.1, it was more directed to the men through action but in the next volume, I’m sure to make the women very happy.”

WORLD WITHOUT A HOME is Volume 1 of a series and Pierre says, “It’s the beginning of The Epic!”

“In the war-infested world of Gaia; Few soldiers stood above their peers only to achieve what others could not…to be free.

On Gaia there is nothing but disagreements that lead to squabbles and eventually leads to all out wars. During an era of a somewhat instilled peace soldiers are called to deploy immediately by the Branch: Director. When this was ordered the events that spiraled after could only be stopped by a few soldiers. These heroes will bring a sense of stability to every corner of the world. But one who stands above all, the one who will bring among a limited peace, Ares Strife “The Peace Bringer.” Unlike ordinary soldiers, this particular one has the spirits of unsung warriors burning inside of him. The only question is “How will this peace be brought unto the world.”

Check out this awesome artwork! What a talented young man he is!

Pierre loves to hear from his fans and can be reached at any of the sites below or email him at:!/pierre.gilson!/pages/Wwoah-World-Without-A-Home/241270025915159

WORLD WITHOUT A HOME (Vol 1) is available in paperback, hardcover and eBook and can be found at:


Barnes & Noble


Thank you Pierre for joining me today! I wish you the very best in your life, your writing and art career! 🙂


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  1. I really thank you for having me on here this week. It really puts a smile on my face to see this lol

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