Meet author MANDI CASEY~Paranormal Romance Author

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce you to another talented young lady, paranomal romance author, Mandi Casey!

Mandi was kind enough to interview me a few months back and asked me some awesome questions. I really had a good time on her blog and I enjoyed meeting her. She is on her way to becoming a well known writer of paranormal romance and isn’t she beautiful!

Hope you are enjoying your day, thanks for stopping by and talk soon! 🙂


Mandi Casey

Image of Mandi Casey

Mandi is the author of  Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick, Who Are You Calling a Vampire? and the popular blog, Mandi’s Paranormal Romance Blog!

After a rogue werewolf attack triggers her latent powers as the Selected, Sydney Sedrick is reluctantly dragged into a war of vampires and werewolves, both battling for total species domination.
Each try to use her as their pawn and are willing to use any force necessary to gain control of her special gifts. For her protection, Sydney is armed with only her grandmother’s journal and Blake, the sexy werewolf who insists they are meant to be together.

In order to succeed, Sydney must embrace her destiny and join the battle to protect both sides from genocide. Caught between two very different worlds, belonging to neither, Sydney is forced to risk it all, or lose everything and everyone she holds dear.

Who Are You Calling a Vampire?
Hunted by an anti-vampire extremist group, Katrina Drogan, or Kat, a twenty-four-year-old emergency room nurse, must overcome her fear of love and vampires and embrace her role in their world to survive and save the man she loves.
When Kat goes to an exclusive nightclub opening, she meets Viktor, the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Trouble is, he’s a vampire, and he thinks she’s one too. Hunters try to kidnap her and Viktor interferes, taking Kat on a high-speed chase through the night. Kat decides to hide out at her friend’s house in the country only to have the Hunters blow up the kitchen and try kidnapping her again.
Once again, Viktor saves her life. Taking her to his mansion, Viktor insists she’s going to change into a vampire. Kat must decide where she wants her life to go, should she stay with Viktor and adopt his lifestyle or walk away from the man who could be her one true love? Her fears cause her to run from his mansion right into the arms of the Hunter’s leader, Malice.

At age ten, Mandi Casey bought her first paranormal romance. Since then, she’s been bitten with a passion for vampires, werewolves, life-mates, and all matters relating to love and romantic stories of success against all odds.

Her writing style draws the reader in with emotionally charged connections, conflict, adventure, and dark, snarky humor.

When she’s not writing, Mandi enjoys Frisbee golfing and researching and writing about urban paranormal romance.

She is a member of Rockin’ Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Savvy Authors.

You can contact Mandi at:

Book trailer

Mandi’s books can be found on:

 Soul Mate Publishing

Vampire Library

Barnes & Noble



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“Pain is a part of being alive, and we need to learn that. Pain does not last forever, nor is it necessarily unbeatable, and we need to be taught that.” – Harold Kushner



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15 responses to “Meet author MANDI CASEY~Paranormal Romance Author

  1. fuonlyknew

    I am so glad you had Mandi on your blog. I have not heard of her works and they sound great! I will be heading over to her blog and to amazon soon. Thank you for the heads up!
    laura thomas

  2. Great post. Good luck with your books and future projects Mandi

  3. Hey Mandi (she waves), Nice to ‘see’ you. As always, best of luck with Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping Laura 🙂 I plan to eventually re-vamp (ha ha, pun intended) Who Are You Calling A Vampire? at some point, it was my first excursion with self-publishing, which I have found I do much better with the assistance of a publisher 🙂 Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick came out through Soul Mate Publishing, and Betrayal Bites, Book 2 in the Tales of Sydney Sedrick is due out sometime this summer 🙂 Happy reading!

    Lisa, I love your blog, thanks so much for having me.

  5. Loved The Bizarre Life…, so I am really looking forward to your new title. I wish you all the best, Mandi!

  6. Great blog, Lisa and Mandi. Can’t wait for your next book.

  7. Thanks Ann, I wish you the same.

  8. Great interview and I love your trailer. Good luck with book #2 !

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