Medium John Edward Delaware Event!

Hi everyone!

Wow, we had one of the worst storms to hit Maryland last night. Torrential rains, winds up to 80 mph, cars all over the road, trees down…it was like being in a tornado!

We just got our power back on this afternoon! Hope everyone in that area made it through okay!

I wanted to share my trip to Delaware with you. Yeah, yeah, who cares that I went to another state, right…but I went there with a purpose in mind.

Getting back home was risky business with the heavy rains, high winds, riding alongside big 18~wheelers that were swerving all over the road, cars stopped in the middle of a four lane highway, dodging falling trees and toppling overhead lamp posts was the perfect mixture for me to go into a full blown anxiety attack!

We made our way into a large parking garage to seek shelter…but the reason for my trip…

Read on…

Okay, for those of you who know me personally…you may or may not know that I am kinda on the whacky side. Eh, not so far into left field but I have always been known to be “different”. It took a long time for me to accept who and what I was but now that I have, here I am!

My mother, whom I loved dearly, passed away in 2006. She was a kind, loving and very generous woman who minded her own business but would help anyone, friend or stranger, if they needed her.

She was also a psychic/medium. Yes, she spoke to the dead.

Her father and his mother were also psychic.

I had my first paranormal experience when I was just four years old and although terrified, she lovingly calmed me down, told me it was okay and that she had had the same experience.

She explained that the voices I heard were “them” and they simply sought me out to talk to me since I could “hear” them when most people could not.

She tried to explain that there was a thin veil between the living and the dead and I too had the gift of being able to see and hear beyond the veil.

I think in the back of her mind she was hoping that I would not be like her in that sense but hey, it is what it is.

Think back to the scene in “Bewitched” when Samantha finds out that Tabitha also had her gift and she realizes the burdens and struggles now placed on this innocent little girl. Yeah, it was kinda like that! 🙂

As I got older, she went into more detail and showed me how to handle this ability. She warned me that at times I may think it’s a curse but it is actually a gift from God.

Anyhoo…I grew up in the lifestyle of believing in such things and visited psychics, had tarot card readings, followed my daily horoscope and looked to the stars for answers. 

My mom grew up in the era that anyone who heard voices, saw people who had died and had anything to do with “ESP”, were nuts and should be locked in a padded room.

So, she grew up with a fear of being ridiculed and was afraid of the same thing for me.

She was not a con~artist, she did not charge money for anything, she did not give readings, read palms, look for missing children, give psychic advice or give out messages from your dead loved ones.

She was quiet and graceful with her gift and told no one…unless they recieved a message from someone…someone who had crossed over.

So, in my belief of all things psychic, I was invited by my friend Tsia to travel to downtown Wilmington, Delaware (about 2 1/2 hours away) to see psychic/medium John Edward.

I had been a big fan of his show “Crossing Over” and was anxious to see him LIVE.

“Communicate, Appreciate, Validate” ~ John Edward

Now, I know what some of you are probably thinking…he’s a fraud, he’s a charlatan preying on the grief of others…yeah well, I don’t think so.

There are several well~known “psychics” out there today who will remain nameless (one has long dragon lady nails and scratches her head constantly on Montel) who I believe are totally and utterly con~artists who are not worthy of setting up a crstal ball tent at a carnival.

But I think John Edward is different.

As we got into the hotel in downtown Wilmington, it was only 3:00 pm and the doors didn’t open until 6:00.

We were the second people in line. Yippee!!!

There was another woman there named Sandy who had seen him before and filled us in on what was going to take place.

She was a member of “The Five” which is an exclusive club for JE fans who would get an autographed photo and a chance to meet and greet with the psychic after the show.

What a sweet lady!

In fact, I meet a lot of wonderful people there last night. One woman, Fran from Ocean City (orignally Brooklyn, NY) was an absolutely lovely woman with a beautiful voice who sang to us as we waited!

As we watched the line get longer and longer, we were amazed at how many people got there late and then tried to butt in line ahead of us. However, as a group of early birds who had now bonded, we joined together and put up a fortress and would not dare let anyone pass! 🙂

We finally got inside the auditorium that held about 750 people and guess what, my friend and I were in the front row…front and center about 10 feet away from the low setting stage!

We were actually going to be almost face to face (more like face to waist) with the adorable psychic/medium John Edward!

The show was scheduled to start at 7:00 and about 7:10, Vanessa, a woman on his crew who could pass for Jillian Michaels, came out on stage. After telling us that the event was being filmed we were told to remove our chewing gum (we looked like cows on camera) plus no video cams, cameras etc. and no alcohol!

Drum roll…from behind a curtain out popped John Edwards!

But wait, I expected a big, beefy man with a broad chest and a husky build. This man was in deed the psychic/medium John Edward but he was a thin, waif life man who must have weighed all of 100 pounds soaking wet!

Still adorable though! 🙂

He began by talking about what he does, how he does it and why he does it.

He is not a healer but an”educator”.

In other words, he cannot fix what is broken inside of you. He can only help you in the sense that your loved ones may come through and give you a message. What you do with that message is up to you.

Let’s begin…

He picked five people from the audience to ask questions and the last woman got a message herself.

Which led into more readings, about four or five in total. I expected the readings to be brief and to the point but they were intense and he delved deep into their family trees.

One man he told was coming through and had a “food service” background and could the family understand this.


Yes, said John, he is coming through with a food service background, does this make sense to you? He could be a waiter, a chef, a cook, a manager…but yes, he is in the food service industry.

After what seemed like hours, the family finally said, “Well, my uncle who died owned a restaurant, does that count?”

John looked at him and said, “Yeah, that counts.”

You can’t fix stupid!

Another couple had just lost their daughter in January to a drug overdose and he got that she had a tattoo on her shoulder and wanted a nose ring.

The couple began to sob heavily and although he was empathetic, he gently explained that this was very difficult for him and he only had a small window of opportunity  (with their energy) to rely their message.

Another man was told by Spirit that he could see him making an “emergency landing”…the man confirmed he had just started taking flying lessons. John urged him to give up that hobby and stay grounded.

“That will make my wife happy,” he said.

He seemed to be spot on with all of his readings.

Some cried, some laughed, others confirmed naughty stories that were passing over from “there” to here. 

After the readings, he allowed five more people to ask questions and then he offered us, the audience, a lesson in psychic energy, gave more advice and said profoundly that the world is not coming to an end on 12/21/12.

However…a change she is a comin’!

He indicated that there will be a type of renewal for us as a society and that is what is meant by the ominous date. 

Nothing about him indicated to me that he was not the real deal. Yes, I’m sure there are those out there that are not, but he seemed to be very genuine and sincere to me.

I did not get read and yes, I was disappointed since I had put my order into Heaven for certain people who had been a part of my life here to come through.

Everyone there had done the same thing.

Alas, they did not but I know, considering my upbringing, that we do not need a medium to connect with our loved ones. They are always with us, they are simply beyond the veil.

John Edward contact information

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“Everyone who is born to the Earth has the psychic ability lying dormant”. ~Derek Acorah 


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  1. Janell

    Lisa, he was amazing. Sorry we didn’t get o say goodbye. We headed straight to our beach house and hunkered down for the strong storm we, too, experienced. I wanted to hear from Daddy. That day marked the ten year anniversary of his passing and we had made a pact that ironically occurred while watching John’s television show! While I didn’t get a personal read, about fifteen minutes in, I was moved to turn over my hand and open it. Daddy was there, I felt his presence, and he wanted to hold my hand. I felt the same tightness in the room that I felt sitting next to my grandfather when he passed. It has to be the thickness of energy around me that gives me the tight feeling. I think the experience helped Sadie know that this isn’t it…there is more, so much more, and that we go on! A good adventure, glad for the experience.

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