New Release~A TEMPORARY DEATH~life after death

Hi everyone,

My latest book has been released and is now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. It is also enrolled in KDP Select. Check it out!


In February 1954, Victoria Edwards bled to death after a botched dental procedure.

Three days later, she woke up in the morgue wearing a toe tag.
She was 25.
After routine dental surgery goes horribly wrong, Victoria bleeds to death and is pronounced dead and placed in the hospital morgue.
While “dead” she visited “somewhere” and was placed in a learning center where she learned the answers to some of life’s most controversial questions and was shown visions of the horrifying consequences of certain women’s fate.
In this true story, learn why she did not want to return to her Earthly existence, how her life was forever changed upon her return and how she spent her entire life longing to go back to “somewhere.”
Fifty two years later…On April 30, 2006…she got her wish.
This is the incredible true story of her temporary death.

In a cassette tape given to her by her dying mother, a young woman was able to recount, in her mother’s own words, the cold winter night in 1954 when her mother bled to death…then woke up three days later in the morgue wearing a toe tag.
It was her mother’s dying wish for her daughter to “please do something with my story so others will know.”
What you are about to read is the actual unedited transcript from that tape.
Where there are question marks, there are spots in the tape where her words cannot be understood.
Where the tape says it has been “45 years” this refers to the time the tape was made. In actuality, it has now been 59 years (2013).
No editing was done on this book to maintain the authenticity of her words, feelings and experience.
It was typed exactly as the author heard it…word for word.
Her name was changed per her request to protect the privacy of her family.
The name used in the book was chosen by her.


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  1. Just bought a copy, can’t wait to read!! 🙂

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