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Hi everyone,

To celebrate its release one year ago on January 8, 2013, I am offering my steamy rock and roll romance LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie for FREE on 1/9, 1/10 and 1/11 on Amazon Kindle!

Here’s the low down:


*For Mature Audiences Only*

During the era of Classic Rock, Poppy Bishop was a teenage runaway. At 18, she was in bed with the lead guitarist of one of the biggest bands in rock history. She went on to become Poppy Bleu, a “famous” groupie who bedded rock stars, their wives (and girlfriends) and became a junkie by the time she was 21. However, she never forgot her first rock star…and he never forgot her.

For over 20 years, Poppy Bleu was known in the rock and roll world as the best backstage lay and liked, loved and hated by some of the world’s biggest rock stars. Her story is one of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and how she went from groupie to junkie to author and became the love of a lead guitarist’s life who saved her from a life of ruin.

Excerpt…”He slowly placed me on his lap. We were now face to face. Oh man, did he smell good. I could have licked his face off right then and there. I was like a kid in a candy factory, a drunk in a liquor store…a groupie on a rock star’s lap. I could die now and be happy.”

COOL facts about

LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie

Based on an actual experience that I had with a famous rock star when I was 17 years old


Veronica Moreau is my erotic pen name and came from my female vampire character from my first book PUNCTURE who has the same name.


This book was so HOT that Amazon banned it the first time I tried to list and I had to rewrite the beginning just so they would accept it!


This book is BOOK ONE in the ROCK STAR SERIES and BOOK TWO is already in the works.


It is a BEST SELLER on Amazon!


Baby it’s cold outside so grab some rock and roll romance and keep yourself warm. Here’s how you can get your FREE copy!


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