NEW RELEASE…What Women Don’t Know About Getting (and Keeping) A Man! SEXY!

LISA as Veronica SEXY GIRL COVER - Copy 1900 X 2850 - brought down USE
“What Women Don’t Know
About Getting (and Keeping) A Man”

From the author of the erotic rock and roll romance, LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie!

Well, she’s at it again and this book will be just in time for you lovebirds but it’s not a rock and roller but it will rock your world.

Based on the book, my speeches are a compassionate, humorous, and no holds barred, in your face wake up call to women everywhere who need a little help in the man hunting department!
With titles such as:
*Lies That Men Tell Women
*Why Women Are Like Monkeys
*What She Says…What He Hears
*Put Down That Phone…Why You Should Never, Ever Call A Man…
And More, More, More!!!
Plus a Bonus Section full of groupie secrets on how to make your rock star happy!
Available in Kindle and Paperback!
“Wow, just listening to Lisa gave me a huge wake up call about men! I was doing it all wrong and with her help, I finally have a drama-free man! Thanks so much!” ~Tonya K.
“What fun! Lisa’s speech was so real and on the mark! She pinpointed everything about women that we are afraid to face ourselves! I laughed so hard I thought I would fall out of my seat! Thanks Lisa!” ` Maria M.
“I got a chance to meet Lisa at one of her speeches and she is real and down-to-earth. I enjoyed her speech and couldn’t stop laughing! She really nailed us women and after hearing her talk, I feel armed with more power to make better choices where men are concerned! Thank you!” ~Lydia S.



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