Need an online editor? Here’s one I found online!

Okay, I don’t have an editor, there I said it. I have nothing against editors of course, I have one for the newspaper I write for but I don’t have one for my books.

Yes, I should have one but as a starving artist, I can’t always afford a high-priced editor so I went searching for one online and this is one that I found.

It’s called ProWritingAid and it’s free or you can purchase it for $35 a year. I think that is a great bargain compared to what an real life editor can cost you!

ProWritingAid is your free online writing editor and personal writing coach. Of course it checks your grammar but it does much more to help you improve your writing:

  • Online grammar and spelling checker;
  • Online plagiarism checker;
  • Improve readability;
  • Find overused words;
  • Improve dull paragraph structure;
  • Find repeated words and phrases;
  • Check for consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization;
  • Eliminate clichés and redundancies;
  • Create a word cloud of your text;
  • Eliminate vague, abstract, and complex words from your writing.

With ProWritingAid you should be able to improve your writing in less than 5 minutes. The longer you spend, the more it will improve.

They provide 19 different free reports on your writing so a clear summary of the key results is important. Looking at the analysis you can quickly see what the key things are you need to improve.

I don’t work for this company but I am going to give it a go and see how it improves my writing. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think about it! Thanks! 🙂

As always, thanks so much for your love and support!


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