Look At Your Life Like A Garden

I love flowers. I love to look at them, to smell them, to touch them.

Although I love bouquets of them, I try not to pick them so the person who comes along after me, can enjoy them as well.

I have always had flowers in my life. A small garden on the side of the house or a row of flowers along a border or a fence.

And although roses are nice, I am a wildflower girl through and through.

As I have gotten older, I look at my life like a garden.

The big, tall sturdy ones in the back surrounding (and sometimes supporting) the smaller, more fragile ones in the front. In the middle there is a nice mixture of plump or fluffy ones to help round out my garden.


Sadly, what happens in your backyard garden happens in your life garden. Weeds will grow and try to overcome and strangle the flowers and you have no choice but to pull them from your ground.

Sometimes the weeds resemble flowers and you hate to pull them since they are nice and cozy in your garden but you know deep down inside, they have to go.

Other times the weeds aren’t really hurting anything, they are just taking up space and energy that could be put to better use.

Then there are the ones who have been there the longest. You hate to see them go but you have outgrown them and they are only keeping your garden from growing to its full potential.

I am at a point in my life where I feel that my garden is getting overcrowded. I feel pressured and stressed and am taking on too many weeds. It’s time once again to clear the clutter and start pulling up weeds.


I am surrounded by other people’s drama and problems, being pulled in this direction and that and being dragged into things that are none of my business.

I am taking on other people’s energy and it is wearing me down.

I am carrying around other people’s luggage because they can’t carry them on their own and believe me, they don’t pack light.

So, it’s time to start weeding my garden again and each time I get down in the dirt, feel the grit and grim between my fingers and start pulling them up, one by one, my garden starts to flourish once again.


Tips for weeding your garden of life

1. Never feel guilty about pulling up weeds. You may love them and care about them but you are not responsible for them to grow.

2. Don’t be someone else’s sounding board. It’s okay to listen to your friends and be there for them but when you are only being used as a way to vent, dump or drop off their problems, you will feel it, so walk away.

3. Don’t get involved in other people’s drama. Don’t let a fighting couple drag you in and force you to pick sides. Stay out of it and mind your own business.

4. Surround yourself with positive people. Stay away from people who bring you down, cut you down, don’t support your feelings and make you feel drained every time you are around them. We all know people like this so pull them from your garden.

5. It may be difficult to pull weeds from your garden but it must be done. Some will be stubborn and hard to pull but do it anyway. Others will come up easily as though the soil was ready to release them. Let them go.

Once your garden is weed free, know that it will not stay that way and you must enjoy the flowers while they are in bloom and when the weeds begin to grow again, pull them up as well.

Happy gardening! 🙂






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