Meet Roberto Vento-Entrepreneur with a Big Vision for his Future

Many people are tired of working 9-5, wasting away at a job they despise, or working for someone else’s dream to come true while watching their own dreams get farther and farther out of reach.

However, Roberto Vento, 26, is out to make a change and not only is he making a difference in his own life, he is changing the lives of others as well!


Roberto was born in New York City to a large Italian family, he lived in Queens, New York, then moved back to Italy when he was 12 years old. He grew up in the ancient town of Gualdo Tadino which is in the province of Perugia in northeastern Umbria.

He moved back to the states about three years ago, first living in Chicago and he now lives in San Antonio, Texas where he currently works as a Biomedical Technician with New Vision Endoscopy.

He has a dream of making the world a better, safer place and he is on “a mission to help people escape the rat race and live life on their own terms by living the laptop style.”

A Positive Attitude and a Passion for Change

Roberto, a firm believer in the law of attraction and having a positive mindset, has been making huge strides in his online business and encourages others to join him. “I want to help everyone! Persistence is key. Know what you’re after, set goals and GRIND to make it happen!”

Roberto also has aspirations of being a motivational speaker and his love of reading motivational books, especially those by Tony Robbins, is giving him the inspiration to get started. “I really started implementing everything that I read in my day to day life and I really want to be the best I can be in anything and everything I do.” Currently he is also hosting weekly online webinars to help others find their way.

“A positive mind will always give you positive results,” says Roberto. “Don’t waste time and thoughts on what you don’t have! Instead, use that time to set goals and GRIND! So that one day you can have everything you’ve ever wanted! Because, if you think about it, that time is going to pass by anyway, it just depends on you and how you’re going to use it.”


“There is absolutely nothing we can’t achieve … everything is possible! It all comes down to HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT!”

With an amazingly optimistic attitude, the drive and determination to see his dreams come true, and a passionate and loving spirit, Roberto Vento is well on his way to achieving success. He is one to watch out for … the future is in his hands!

“It’s truly becoming an amazing journey!”

To learn more about Roberto and his business, and find out how he can help you get started too, please check out his Facebook page Roberto Vento Facebook Page


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2 responses to “Meet Roberto Vento-Entrepreneur with a Big Vision for his Future

  1. Rossella

    Absolutely wonderful article Lisa! You have a way with words like no other because when “feel” the real essence of a person, you establish a soul-soul contact and reach straight to the heart❤

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