The Pink Chick Psychic!


“The answers you are looking for are a psychic reading, a reiki healing & a dream away.”

I “met” Linda online many years ago and she is amazing! Not only is she accurate in her predictions but she is a kind, loving woman and I know you will love her too. I recently had a chance to sit down with this pink chick and get the scoop on her abilities and why she is drawn to do what she does. She also designs cool jewelry, sells clothing online, and oh yeah, she LOVES the color Pink! ♥

Describe how you first realized you had psychic abilities.

I know I was born with psychic abilities and the ability to see my past lives; however, it became even more clear to me when we moved into the house I was raised in from the time I was six years old. Every single day many, many times a day, I experienced Deja Vu in my house. It was especially intense in the doorway to the bathroom and in front of the bathroom mirror.

I started having visions of my past life; and although I did not know how to put it into words, I knew it was a past life. I even knew her name, what she looked like, how she died, etc. As I got older, I could see why I was in this lifetime. I was a very beautiful woman who used men for money in that lifetime. I had beautiful long luxurious hair in that lifetime, and in this lifetime I have struggled with my hair. My mother used to dye and straighten my hair on the same day one after another, and my hair got shorter and shorter. I knew my mother was one of my lovers in that past lifetime. It took many, many, many years for my hair to begin to grow again. I have also had money and relationship issues in this lifetime.

God put me on this planet to clear up my karma, so he gave me my psychic abilities; which I treasure, cherish and value as a gift from God. I use my abilities wisely. In my past life (lives) I abused my abilities. It was not until we moved from that house when I was 18 that I began to flourish, grow, and evolve. My psychic abilities grew stronger after a brief marriage, and when I began my life as an adult.

By the way, a number of years ago, I did research on who lived in the house prior to us. The house was built in 1948, and we moved into it in 1957. There was a teenager who lived in that house, but I was unable to find out much information about her. I went to Westchester High School, but every time, we would drive by Inglewood High School, I would feel Deja Vu all over again as if I walked in that school I would know where everything was. 

Describe your journey into the psychic world.

I began to experiment with my psychic abilities in my very early 20s. I was living on my own and out of a divorce, and flourishing as my own person (not as the woman my mother tried to manipulate me to be). I would walk up to people at parties and tell them things about themselves that blew them away. I loved being able to “see” like that. As I got older, my abilities got stronger, and I knew that someday I would do readings full time. 

What is your general approach when you read for people?

I do not want to know anything except for their very brief question. 

What can you share about your most fascinating reading to date?

My expertise is in love and relationships, and I have the ability to channel his or her feelings for you + future, and you will feel as if he/she is actually speaking to you. People email me all the time asking me how I do it. 

What do you want people to know about your services?

I am clear and honest and direct. All email reading purchases will be filled within 5 days of purchase due to the volume of email readings received. You will receive your phone reading within 2 days of purchase.

You also sell items online? 
I make and sell my “Handmade With Love” unique one of a kind earrings. You will see that everything in my store is pink because that is how I roll in my wonderful pink life. I sell reading and earrings on Etsy and I sell pink clothing on Poshmark and Mercari. 
Tell me about your Facebook page Pink Chick Wonderland:
Pink Chick Psychic’s Pink Wonderland is all about love, romance, dating, soul mates, dreams, my love of the color pink and the nudist lifestyle. 

Pink Chick Psychic does psychic readings for single men and women looking for a soul mate relationship as well as men and women going through relationship struggles with their significant others. My expertise is in channeling your significant other, your lover, your soul mate, your ex-lover’s deepest most intimate private thoughts, feelings, and intentions towards you, and if you have a future together.

I am also a psychic love coach, soul communicator, certified soul coaching oracle card reader, and Usui Reiki Master and Certified Gateway Dream Practitioner/Coach,

What makes my readings edgy, unique, and powerful is that I work with my clients in easing their minds about what their special someone is thinking and feeling about them. I channel their lover, their soul mate, their ex-lover’s deepest most intimate private thoughts, feelings and intentions towards them in and out of the bedroom.

I also work with my clients in helping them write up their own inner relationship rulebook that works for them and them alone. Who did you adopt your relationship rulebook from? Your mother? Your father? Your lover? Your ex-lover? Your significant other? Screw that relationship rulebook and write your own!

These readings help my clients so they do not obsess over a lover. Obsessing outwardly or inwardly over a lover can ruin a relationship or destroy any hope for an ex-lover returning.

I also “see” if my clients have a future with their special someone. My clients always feel as if their lover or ex-lover is actually speaking to them. They receive the unique, powerful and meaningful messages that they are meant to hear.

How can people connect with you?