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Hey everyone! I still have the Plague! Well, it feels like it anyway! I used to never get sick, I was immortal! Now it seems that every little bug that flies by lands on me and makes me sick!

But I was able to crawl off my couch and drag myself into my library and reach my computer and in my dying breath, write this post. See what a good hostess I am to my fans!

But anyhoo, I wanted to share some good news with you my friends!

Back in 2006, my beloved mother Victoria got diagnosed with cancer and gievn three months to live. As her caretaker, this took quite a toll on me and our family.

As a writer, I needed to express myself in such a way that I wanted to convey what I thought she might be feeling as she lay there waiting to die.

I wrote a short piece called, “THE PATH OF DEATH”, and it was recently published in an online magazine, The Barefoot Review.

Please check it out! 🙂


Reviews for “THE PATH OF DEATH”

Stephen T. DeFreytas wrote:
“Lisa- That was sadly beautiful. Brings back memories of when my Mother too, was dying of that awful disease. But you’ve put into words, a perspective that only those who “have been there” can really appreciate.”
Julie Maynard, editor of The Brunswick Citizen wrote:
“A powerful piece.”
Sam Thurber wrote:  
    “After reading “The Path of Death” I was floored! I don’t know how you were able to sit there as this was taking place and be able to write!  I know your mother gave you the “strength gene”, cause you had to be pretty strong. 
    I knew your mother and thought of her as a strong, loving, wonderful friend to me and as I was reading the words, it brought me to tears.  I know she knew that her beloved daughter loved her very much…and it shows in your writing how much you loved and adored your mother!
    Your writing is amazing!  The way you paid attention to all of the details of her “path” was amazing!  It made me think of all the families that have to deal with this every day and how this could be the “paths” of many, whether it be cancer, or a number of other chronic illnesses.  It helps me realize how much more we take for granted…I think it’s a powerful piece of work that should be in the homes of everyone!  I think the Cancer Society or others could use it…they could have someone read it and set a video to it, they could get someone like Maya Angelou to read it (I was reading it kinda like she would) or other ways to help ease the pain of so many and to help educate those that don’t have any idea what is about to happen with their loved ones.”  

Patty Gillum Peck wrote:

“Wow, I see people dying from this dreaded, evil disease all the time, you have truly captured true feelings, so nice for you to write this. I am so glad it got printed.”

 Phyllis Burral-Lopez wrote:

“This makes me think of how my mother must have felt…I just lost her in July of this year!!”

 Jessica James, award winning author of  “Shades of Gray, A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia” wrote:

“This is an awesome piece!  It’s very heartfelt!”



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