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NEW RELEASE PRE-ORDER ~Vampire Novel ~ The Terrible Dawn~

My new book THE TERRIBLE DAWN is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

It’s the sequel to my bestselling vampire novel Puncture and will be released on December 1!

The Terrible Dawn book promo

Pre-order The Terrible Dawn on Amazon here

In the bestselling vampire novel PUNCTURE, you met Veronica, a young Christian who was murdered by her lover Victor, who unknown to her was a wicked and sadistic vampire. 

After struggling with her mortal soul, she eventually gave in to Victor’s desire to have a protégé’ he created in his own image. 

Powerless to resist any longer, Veronica becomes a killing machine who eventually destroys Victor after he committed the ultimate act of betrayal. 

After walking in death for over 120 years, Veronica is now living in a remote, medieval village in Italy.

Tired, lonely, and wanting to die, she will do anything it takes to be redeemed in the eyes of God and be reunited with her family in Heaven. 

But will her friendship with a young priest put his life in danger and destroy any chance she has at being saved? Or will the holy man of God provide her with the answers she needs to finally find redemption?

THE TERRIBLE DAWN BookCoverPreview (1)


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Help for Indie Authors! Introducing “Indie Author Promotions”

Are you an Indie Author struggling to get your name out there? Are you lost in the whacky world of writing? Overwhelmed by Twitter, Facebook and CreateSpace?

If so, this new service for Indies is just for you!

Bestselling Author Lisa V. Proulx has created Indie Author Promotions with the desire to help struggling authors by “Giving Indie Authors Roots So Their Dreams Can Grow.”

A published author since 2004, Lisa wants to share her experience with authors who need help when it comes to promoting. With services such as: Book Promotion, Proofreading, Copy Editing, Featured Author Interviews, Tweets Only, and help with Facebook, Twitter, and Createspace, Lisa has created a “one stop shop” to benefit authors with her experience.

She will also be adding Book Cover Designs soon!


How it all got started

Two years ago, Lisa met an out of work Irishman, Chris Rush, who was visiting the United States. He wanted to be a screenwriter, and after talking to him and hearing his passion for writing, she decided to take him under her wing. She convinced him to go back to work and write a book instead of a screenplay.

She worked with him for two years, giving him names of editors, graphic artists, and even became a second set of eyes for his work by proofreading every word he wrote. Finally, his first book, a horror novel, “Folklore” was born and Lisa even set up his first book signing in his native Ireland in June 2016. He invited Lisa to be his special guest author at a signing in Dublin. This was his first book signing ever and Lisa’s first European one.

Since then, Chris’ career has taken off! His books are now sold all over Ireland and he has been interviewed multiple times by newspapers, on radio, and on television. He was even invited to join the Paranormal Research team of Ireland (PRI) where he gets to live out his dreams of being a ghost hunter.

I got to sit down with Lisa who was eager to talk about her new venture.

                                                                                                So Lisa, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I am the bestselling author of 10 books, I’ve been ranked in the Top 100 Authors on Amazon Memoirs for 2014, 2015, and 2016, and I have been a newspaper feature writer and columnist for 16 years.

What is Indie Author Promotions and how did it come about?

I wrote my first book in 2004, Puncture, and it went nowhere. I continued to write a few short books that did the same thing, they just sat there. It took me years of learning, reading, studying, and just plain hard work, to figure out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to get the ball rolling with my books. Indie Author Promotions came about when I decided that so many Indie Authors needed help and I wanted to show them the ropes to help get them started.


What were you doing wrong?

I didn’t know how to promote or how to engage with my audience. I was just trying to sell a book instead of what I should have been doing and that was to become a friendly face and become someone my readers could get to know and hopefully like.


Do you see a lot of authors making the same mistake?

Oh absolutely! I see it all the time. Some new authors get on Twitter and do nothing but say, “Buy my book!” No one wants to hear that or buy a book by someone they are not connected with. Sometimes you might see a book that looks interesting and you buy it but people want to engage and know there is a human behind their posts and their tweets.


How can Indie Author Promotions help a new author or one who is struggling?

I can help them because I was them. I offer affordable pre-packaged social media programs designed to engage their audience. To me, I would rather work with a fellow Indie Author instead of a large corporation who will charge you a lot of money and not take a personal interest. I am very hands on and don’t let you fly alone until you are ready.

For example, when Chris’ book came out in March of this year, I didn’t just forget about him. I promoted him all over social media. I helped him with flyers, letters, book signings, and even booked him for his first American signing which he had in October of this year. Although he is now flying on his own, he still comes to me for advice and I am so proud of him! I see his Facebook posts and his Twitter tweets, he listened to me and is doing a great job of promoting himself. He travels all over the place doing book signings, interviews, and he is living his dreams as a paranormal investigator.

Two years ago, he was a struggling out of work wanna be screenwriter who had no clue how to get started. Now, he is living his dream!


Hearing a story like the one with your Irish friend is very impressive. What made it work for Chris?

He listened to me. He did everything I told him to do and he didn’t do anything I told him not to do. He was passionate about being a writer and he listened, plain and simple.


So dreams really can come true?

Absolutely! I am a firm believer if you can see it, you can achieve it.


Tell me about the service to be a Featured Author on a bestselling author’s blog.

This is a really neat service! I interview you, gather photos, links, and feature you on my Author Blog.

One author interview on my Author Blog will include: Interview with you, photos of you and your book (s), and links to all outlets that sell your book. I then promote you for one week on the blog that will go out to thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter plus be retweeted by my followers, and their followers, and so on.

I also promote you on the Indie Author Promotions Facebook page. On the day of the interview, I will send you the link so you can promote it too! It’s a pretty cool deal! I make you the star and feature you for one entire seven days!

All for $50 for one week!

You also offer proofreading and copy editing?


Yes, I am a certified Proofreader and Copy Editor and I do all the work myself at reasonable rates.


Did I hear correctly, you will soon be offering Book Cover Designs?

Yes! As an Indie Author I either pay for my book covers to be designed or I create them myself. Both ways have been great and both had caused me grief. I am not just an author, I am also an artist. It all comes down to being someone an author can trust to take care of their baby (their book) and you can trust me.


This all sounds so exciting and I can’t wait for Indie Author Promotions to take off! Where can an Indie Author contact you?

Thanks so much! They can email me at IndieAuthorPromotions@peoplepc.com or check out my website and contact me through the site www.indieauthorpromotions.com



(There are many more on the site, however they were not clients of Lisa’s at the time)

“Lisa really could not do enough for me. She made the process seem so easy and pain free, something I will always be thankful for. Being a person who will always look for a second set of eyes to look over my work, I would have no issue recommending her. Lisa’s promoting and support has helped me gain so many new contacts and followers, she really knows how to get your name out there.” Bestselling Irish Author Chris Rush, author of “Folklore” and the soon to be released, “All Shall Suffer” coming Friday, January 13, 2017.

Thanks for stopping by! ♥

lisa-hippy-picmonkeyLisa V. Proulx


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Need an online editor? Here’s one I found online!

Okay, I don’t have an editor, there I said it. I have nothing against editors of course, I have one for the newspaper I write for but I don’t have one for my books.

Yes, I should have one but as a starving artist, I can’t always afford a high-priced editor so I went searching for one online and this is one that I found.

It’s called ProWritingAid and it’s free or you can purchase it for $35 a year. I think that is a great bargain compared to what an real life editor can cost you!

ProWritingAid is your free online writing editor and personal writing coach. Of course it checks your grammar but it does much more to help you improve your writing:

  • Online grammar and spelling checker;
  • Online plagiarism checker;
  • Improve readability;
  • Find overused words;
  • Improve dull paragraph structure;
  • Find repeated words and phrases;
  • Check for consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization;
  • Eliminate clichés and redundancies;
  • Create a word cloud of your text;
  • Eliminate vague, abstract, and complex words from your writing.

With ProWritingAid you should be able to improve your writing in less than 5 minutes. The longer you spend, the more it will improve.

They provide 19 different free reports on your writing so a clear summary of the key results is important. Looking at the analysis you can quickly see what the key things are you need to improve.

I don’t work for this company but I am going to give it a go and see how it improves my writing. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think about it! Thanks! 🙂


As always, thanks so much for your love and support!



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Book Signing at Turn The Page in Boonsboro

Had a blast last night at

Turn The Page Bookstore

18 N. Main Street

Boonsboro, Maryland 21713

Girls’ Night Out

Thanks to Nora, the staff, the fans and of course my friends who came out to support us!

Check out their website for more exciting events!




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Writing~When is it time to give up your dream?

I have a birthday coming up next month and I am going to be 49 years old. There, I said it, I will be 49.

For the past 12 years I have been a feature writer and columnist for my local newspaper and some would say it was a dream job. Although I love writing for them and do all of my work from home, haven’t seen my editor in years; I just go out during the week, interview people, send in my stories before Monday morning and get paid once a month…but is it enough to call myself a writer?

My first book came out in 2004, a vampire novel called PUNCTURE.

I found a small, local publishing company through one of the men I interviewed for the newspaper.

In a nutshell, they sucked!

They kept me under contract for seven long and tortoreus years and after I went over my manuscript three times, they printed the book with all of the mistakes left in! Refusing to change their mistake, or answer my emails or phone calls, they charged an outrageous fee for the book and even my own grandmother wouldn’t buy it!

Lesson learned.

In January 2011, my contract was finally up and I “re-vamped” the book and went the Indie route to get it into the masses of people who love vampires.

Then in 2005 Twilight hit the stores!

I wouldn’t even read the books or watch the movie thinking in my warped writer’s mind that it was surely a copy of my vampire book and I would just die or go nuts if Stephenie Meyer had stolen my idea. Yeah right!

The story had nothing to do with PUNCTURE.

Before Edward and Bella, there was Victor and Veronica…every woman knows a man like Victor.

Anyhoo, my book kinda went no where.

So I began going over my other short stories and dusty manuscripts that I had written over the years and put some of them out there too. Nothing.

I learned the ins and outs of cover design, Smashwords, KDP, Goodreads, attracting reviewers, ARCs, blogging, building a platform, creating a brand and blah, blah, blue.

So over the next few years, I put out other books. Nothing.
My latest book that I released on January 8, is a totally different genre for me but hey it was inside me just dying to get out so I let it!

It is an erotic romance with a rock and roll edge called LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie and is based on an actual event that happened to me when I was 17 years old with a famous rock star. Cool huh?

Every woman loves rock stars and wants to hear about their sexploits! Rock star romances are HOT…aren’t they?

Now everywhere I look, someone has written a romance book about a rock star!

Well, I thought to myself, now that I am armed with the inside knowledge of how this whole book thingy works, I am going to do it right with this one.

I got the advice of a good friend and best selling romance author who has been invaluable to me as a guide, a friend, a mentor, a muse…she does it all and I love her for it!

Okay, I followed her advice to a tee…I sent out ARCs for reviewers, I work like mad on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads and what…nothing.

Advice to reviewers who request an ARC…an ARC, for those of you who don’t know (I didn’t know at first either) is an Advanced Reader’s Copy that a reviewer will get for FREE in exchange for an honest review of your work.

Advice: Don’t ask for it if you have no intentions of reading it or posting a review.

More advice for established authors: Don’t offer your help and advice to an up and coming author and get their hopes up thinking that you are actually going to help them in some way then don’t do it!

Now mind you, I do not want a free ride nor do I want anyone to hold my hand but hey, aren’t we all in this writing thing together?

I help authors all the time. I interview them on my blog, I promote the heck out of them, I answer every single email from fans, readers, other authors, new authors who have questions…is it too much to ask for a return shake?

Advice for interviewers: Asking an author to interview him/her is an awesome thing but hey please do your homework. I have done several interviews in the last few weeks and a couple of the interviewers couldn’t even bother to get my name or my character’s name spelled correctly. Then it spilled over into a review…on Amazon no less! What a let down!

Another thing for interviewers: Please do not send an author three pages of interview questions. They simply don’t have the time to fill out so many questions. Keep it simple and to the point.

Another thing that bugs me: Get this, I got an email the other day from an author who interviewed me a few years ago on her blog. She told me her good news of being picked up by a big publisher and blah, blah, blue. Guess what? There were about 20 typos in her letter to me. Unreal!

Every day, I hear of a new author who is ranking high on Amazon, just became a best selling in the NY Times or USA Today, got this deal and that deal…hell, I can’t even get a reviewer to post a review for me after getting a free copy! What am I doing wrong? Is it me? Or them?

I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant or the ramblings of a mad woman, I am just at the point in my life when I am asking, when does a person give up their dream?

This is the year when I swore I was going to be able to become a full time writer and although it’s only February, I am wondering if this is the year that I give it up for good.

I was not born to be ordinary. I was not made to fit in and follow the norm. I was born to stand out and follow my own path, make my own rules but when does an “author” say enough is enough, it just ain’t gonna happen?



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Why Reviews are Important for Writers

Okay, so you’ve written a book! Big deal right?

Well, it is a big deal, a mighty big deal and for some of you, this might be your first attempt at making it big or maybe it’s your last.

You put your heart and soul into every letter, every page, every sentence…then what?

Well, in order to get noticed by people, you need to get reviews of your work. Other people need to know that what you have to show them is worthy of their time and attention.

No one likes to be the first and step forward but hey, somebody has to do it, why not you?

It only takes a few minutes to write a review.

What if you didn’t like the book?

Well then be honest or don’t say anything but be kind enough to write the author a personal note thanking him/her for writing the book (or in some cases the free copy they gave you in exchange for a review) and simply explain that it wasn’t really your cup of tea and instead of posting a negative review, you’ll pass.

Okay, not what you wanted to hear but hey, it’s something and at least you were acknowledged.

So, if you want to show a writer that you appreciate all of the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears they put into their book…read the book then leave a review.

Ta Da! It’s as simple as that…

Speaking of which…(sneaky aren’t I) :)…I am looking for 10 people to receive a free copy of my latest ebook, LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie which is an erotic romance with a rock and roll edge.


It’s Book One in the Rock Star Series and is now in eBook and will be coming out in paperback next month. It’s also for Mature Audiences Only!!! 🙂

It’s also written under my pen name…Veronica Moreau!

Did ya know

the story is based on an actual event that happened to me when I was 17 with a famous rock star?!?!?

Well, now ya do! 🙂

Free copy for an honest review on Amazon!

Thanks for listening and until next time…have a great day and keep writing!!! 🙂


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Cool Links for Writers…Publish Us…Write Articles and Get Paid!

Good morning Sunshine!

Welcome to your Thursday! I hope your day so far is finding you in good spirits and ready to face the day head on!

Today I wanted to share with you a bunch of goodies…all cool and informative links for writers.

As a writer myself, I know how hard it is to break into the biz, find an agent or a publisher who will even give you the time of day and I think it’s cool if we help one another. Hey, we are all in this together right!

So here they are…enjoy!












“Ruin and recovering are both from within.” – Epictetus

Epictetus, the Roman-era Stoic philosopher, lived a very ascetic life, believing that happiness came from living “according to the will of nature” and that free will comes from how we respond to circumstances. He was born in 55 AD in what is now Turkey and spent most of his life in Rome. He spent his youth as a slave and became crippled due to his master’s harsh treatment. He was later exiled to Greece, where he founded a school and wrote his most famed work, The Discourses. He died in 135.

Have you heard of Publish Us? It’s a website where authors can write articles and get paid for their work!







I love to hear from my readers, whether good, bad or anything in between!

If you are interested in reviewing my books, interviewing me or being a guest on my blog, please contact me at Magicforest@peoplepc.com

Let me know if you want to be added to my distro list for upcoming book info!

I’ll also let you know about new releases, contests and other fun stuff and you’ll find out all the juicy stuff before anyone else does!

Twitter: @LisaVProulx



Smashwords Author Profile

Author Blog:  https://lisavproulx.wordpress.com/

Groupie Blog, Lick and A Promise: http://lickandapromise.wordpress.com/

FaceBook Author Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-V-Proulx-Author-Fan-Page/223212131077410

And as always, thank you for your continued love and support! 🙂

(¸.·´ (¸.·’*Lisa¸.·*´¨)

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Meet Author C.V. HUNT! Horror/Paranormal author of ENDLESSLY…

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been off the scene for awhile, everything is okay now and getting back to normal.

It is a real scorcher here in Maryland today…it’s over 100 degrees! I like hot weather but not fry an egg on the sidewalk kind of hot!

Been working on my latest book, LICK AND A PROMISE and looking for an agent for a book I wrote about my mother’s life story.

Going back to belly dance in the Fall after an accident last summer left me grounded for several months. Can’t shimmy with broken ribs.

I’ve also taken up yoga! Trying to get a little more flexible in my belly dance routine and add some tribal to my dance. I enjoy it and feel like a pretzel after my classes! 🙂

Life is good!

Meet Horror/Paranormal writer C.V. Hunt!

C.V. Hunt is the author to the Endlessly series. Look for the squeal Legacy. She lives in North West Ohio with her husband. In her spare time she reads, writes, paints, listens to music and likes to watch horror movies.

“I write reviews for The LL Book Review. The LL is a great site for anyone that is interested in POD, indie, and small press books. We are a mixture of people in the writing field, with one mission – to help authors by writing reviews. If you are an author – and interested in having your book reviewed – please check out the Pick me! section of their website. If your book lies with in the horror, supernatural, paranormal or bizarre genre.”

1.) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

It was a few years ago. There was an unexpected death in the family. It made me take a look at the things I had done in my life, and the things I wanted to do. Writing a book was one of them.

2.) What type of genre do you write in?

Currently all of my work is paranormal/horror, but I’d like to take a swing at other genres.

3.) What inspires you to write in this genre?

I’ve always been fascinated with horror and dark things. I’ve filled my life with these types of books and movies, so it just feels natural to write about them.

4.) Where do you get your ideas for your writing?

I have a desire to take the popular idea of something and make it the opposite. Since I’m big on horror, friends will ask me odd questions about horror monsters. Some of their questions have never been answered, or they’re answered differently throughout the history of books or movies. I like to walk away from those conversations with my own ideas of what the answers should be.

5.) Who are your favorite authors and why?

I have so many, it’s hard to narrow it down. I love Chuck Palahniuk’s ability to tell a story from first person perspective, and David Wellington’s books are thoroughly researched. I’ve had the pleasure to talk with and meet authors. Each author has their niche, and once they find it, it transcends through in their writing. 

6.) In your opinion, what key parts of a story make it great?

I’m more of a character driven reader. If I can get sucked into the main characters, and feel sympathetic for them, then I feel the author has accomplished something.

7.) What activities do you do for inspiration?

I usually listen to music and read. Just talking to people seems to open my imagination up a lot.

8.) Do you belong to any writing communities, or critique groups?

I am a Goodreads member, http://www.goodreads.com/cvhunt and I also review books for the LL Book Review http://llbookreview.com/

 9.) Has your work won any awards?


10.) Do you have a day job?

Yes. I haven’t met too many independent authors who are full-time writers. Being an independent author has become very accessible to anyone with the time and patience to pursue it. But it’s also unpredictable, and there are no benefits.

11.) What advice would you give to others who are interested in pursuing a career in writing?

Keep writing. It’s a shame how many authors will write one book and just wait for it to become famous overnight. They don’t do anything in the mean time but sit and base their whole writing career on the success of one book. The best thing to do is get your name out there as much as possible, and just keep writing. Don’t let negative reviews get you down.

 12.) What is the title of your upcoming/newly released novel, and where can we find it?

I recently released Phantom, the third book of the Endlessly trilogy. http://www.amazon.com/Phantom-Volume-3-C-Hunt/dp/1456487116/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1332643109&sr=8-2 You can also get it as a download for Kindle, iTunes, Nook, and Sony by searching for it or down it at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/133344

13.) What is the best way for your fans to contact you?

I prefer e-mail verloren@authorcvhunt.com but anyone is welcome to follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/verlorenfagan or on Twitter @CVHunt

14.) What is your ultimate goal/dream concerning your writing?

I think every author’s dream is for their writing to fund their financial needs, but I just enjoy hearing from people who liked the books. I would definitely like to branch out and experiment with my writing.

15.) Any final thoughts?

I’d like to thank you for having me. Being a author is a voiceless profession, and we can only be heard through the voice of our readers, and reviewers.

FUN Bonus questions 

1. If you could spend a day with anyone, living or dead, real or fictitious, who would it be and why?

Kurt Cobain. He has been a large influence for me. His music, art, and life, keep me inspired on almost a daily basis. 

 2. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Waitressing tables. People don’t realize how demanding of a job it can be, and the pay is horrible. I think it has made me a better tipper and sympathetic to food servers.

 3. What’s your favorite type of music?

I listen to a wide variety of music. Screamo seems to be dominating my playlist at the moment, but it changes on regular basis. It may be filled with indie folk music tomorrow. It’s usually some type of rock, but you can find techno, and rap mixed in also.

 4. What’s your favorite TV program?


Hmm. I think it’s a tossup between Tosh.0 and South Park. I have an unusual sense of humor.

 5. What’s your favorite food?

French fries.

 7. Which is more important to you – character or plot?

Character. If you fall in love with the character you can follow them through any plot.

 8. How do you visualize the scenes as you write?

Sometimes I envision it just like I were reading any other book, but there are times when I close my eyes and try to play the scene out like a movie.

 9. Do you have a writing day/days? If so, how do you structure them? If not, how do you manage to write?

I work an unusual swing-shift, so I tend to write on my days off. I try to wait until after midnight when the world is quieter. 

 12. What are you currently reading?

Wicked Hungry by Teddy Jacobs

Books by C.V. Hunt

BOOK #1 When Ashley walks into a shop run by the vampire, Verloren, they both get the surprise of their lives. Ash is about to learn that she’s not just another pretty young woman, while Verloren is astonished to find himself falling in love. But how can a vampire love a human? And what if the human isn’t as human as she seems? When Ash’s true nature reveals itself, the entire power structure of the world’s outsiders teeters on the brink of destruction. Verloren and Ash become more and more terrified as they grope their way toward the ultimate truth: that they hold the key to something much larger than their own survival.

BOOK #2After defeating the dreaded Quatre, dragon-vampire, Ashley, and her lover, the vampire, Verloren, take a well-deserved rest in the Pacific Northwest. Ashley wants to learn about her newfound powers, and both of these soul mates want to chart their uncertain future. What will their role be in this world of misfits? And what is the meaning of disturbing premonitions seen only by Verloren?

 Living in a secret compound with other outsiders, Ashley discovers what Verloren already knows: when given their freedom some misfits will do the right thing, but others are still dedicated to evil.

BOOK #3 Jason Zurk is a werewolf with a soul mate named Oz, but he doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Jason yearns to give his love, and even his life, to Ashley, the vampire-dragon hybrid. Ashley barely survives on the wisp of a hope. She dreams that her own soul mate, Verloren, will somehow return from the dead.

In “Phantom” C.V. Hunt completes her trilogy with a story of the fruits and frustrations of true love in an underworld of misfits. How do traditions of marriage, family, and commitment work in a world of violence and blood? How do the world’s monsters find true happiness? Where do children fit in a life where all grownups are misfits?

Spencer Mason has discovered a secret spell that will raise the dead, and as a funeral home director, there is no short supply of bodies. As Spencer builds a legion of undead soldiers, he plans to get revenge for the torment he endured during his childhood years – until Raven Anderson moves into town.

 Blind since birth, Raven struggles to adapt with her new surroundings after the death of her mother. She finds a sympathetic shoulder to lean on when she meets Spencer, and the two find out that they have a lot in common.
Raven senses that Spencer is troubled by something that he isn’t sharing, but the thing that tortures Spencer the most is something Raven cannot see.

Love shared, love in secret, celebrated, exploded. Unrequited longing and love that’s mellowed through the years. Love at long distance, across continents, so close there’s no space to breathe, or never quite close enough. Love lost and love found. Love from the inside out and love from the outside in. Love Notes has it all: a collection of poetry as diverse as the experience of falling in love itself. A shared candied apple, a farewell at Paddington Station, a name scribbled in a notebook, a face that leaves us breathless, a single word that changes our life forever. Love Notes is a rich tapestry of verse woven from fragments of life and those moments that make falling in love so irresistible. And so inevitable. Love is unique, love is universal. Love is everywhere.

“100 Demented, Stupid, and Weird Haikus That Make No Sense” is introduced into print for the first time, along with various other works: poetry, short stories, flash fiction, unsung songs, paintings, and photography. All from the hands of C.V. Hunt. Look inside the mind of an author, and enter a demented world of words. See the photos that inspired stories, and paintings of the creatures lurking in her mind. Welcome to Hand Ramblings.

This work is a compilation of lunatic ravings by an author that can’t write. For those of you that take life too serious, or hate grammar errors, I would suggest that you stop reading, and delete this immediately.

Where to find C.V. HUNT and her books!





I love to hear from my readers, whether good, bad or anything in between!

If you are interested in reviewing my books, interviewing me or being a guest on my blog, please contact me at Magicforest@peoplepc.com

Let me know if you want to be added to my distro list for upcoming book info!

I’ll also let you know about new releases, contests and other fun stuff and you’ll find out all the juicy stuff before anyone else does!

Twitter: @LisaVProulx

Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&search-alias=books&field-author=Lisa%20V.%20Proulx

Barnes&Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/LISA-V–PROULX?keyword=LISA+V.+PROULX&store=allproducts

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Meet author MANDI CASEY~Paranormal Romance Author

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce you to another talented young lady, paranomal romance author, Mandi Casey!

Mandi was kind enough to interview me a few months back and asked me some awesome questions. I really had a good time on her blog and I enjoyed meeting her. She is on her way to becoming a well known writer of paranormal romance and isn’t she beautiful!

Hope you are enjoying your day, thanks for stopping by and talk soon! 🙂


Mandi Casey

Image of Mandi Casey

Mandi is the author of  Bizarre Life of Sydney Sedrick, Who Are You Calling a Vampire? and the popular blog, Mandi’s Paranormal Romance Blog!

After a rogue werewolf attack triggers her latent powers as the Selected, Sydney Sedrick is reluctantly dragged into a war of vampires and werewolves, both battling for total species domination.
Each try to use her as their pawn and are willing to use any force necessary to gain control of her special gifts. For her protection, Sydney is armed with only her grandmother’s journal and Blake, the sexy werewolf who insists they are meant to be together.

In order to succeed, Sydney must embrace her destiny and join the battle to protect both sides from genocide. Caught between two very different worlds, belonging to neither, Sydney is forced to risk it all, or lose everything and everyone she holds dear.

Who Are You Calling a Vampire?
Hunted by an anti-vampire extremist group, Katrina Drogan, or Kat, a twenty-four-year-old emergency room nurse, must overcome her fear of love and vampires and embrace her role in their world to survive and save the man she loves.
When Kat goes to an exclusive nightclub opening, she meets Viktor, the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Trouble is, he’s a vampire, and he thinks she’s one too. Hunters try to kidnap her and Viktor interferes, taking Kat on a high-speed chase through the night. Kat decides to hide out at her friend’s house in the country only to have the Hunters blow up the kitchen and try kidnapping her again.
Once again, Viktor saves her life. Taking her to his mansion, Viktor insists she’s going to change into a vampire. Kat must decide where she wants her life to go, should she stay with Viktor and adopt his lifestyle or walk away from the man who could be her one true love? Her fears cause her to run from his mansion right into the arms of the Hunter’s leader, Malice.

At age ten, Mandi Casey bought her first paranormal romance. Since then, she’s been bitten with a passion for vampires, werewolves, life-mates, and all matters relating to love and romantic stories of success against all odds.

Her writing style draws the reader in with emotionally charged connections, conflict, adventure, and dark, snarky humor.

When she’s not writing, Mandi enjoys Frisbee golfing and researching and writing about urban paranormal romance.

She is a member of Rockin’ Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Savvy Authors.

You can contact Mandi at:





Book trailer


Mandi’s books can be found on:

 Soul Mate Publishing


Vampire Library


Barnes & Noble






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Meet Author STACY EATON~Author of the Week!

Hi everyone!

Well, I am finally getting caught up on all of my blogging! I apologize for being way behind but I am finding time today and this week to get everyone up to date.

Plus, today is my birthday and everyone has left the house and left me alone to work so I am getting busy on my blog! 🙂

Today I am introducing you to a wonderful author and friend, Stacy Eaton, who is the international best selling author of My Blood Runs Blue series. She is also a hard working police officer in Pennsylvania so when she writes about police work, murders and investigations, you can believe she knows what she’s talking about!

You will enjoy meeting her!

Hope everyone is having a great day so far, thanks for stopping by and we’ll talk soon! 🙂


 I would like to introduce you to a wonderful author and friend, Stacy Eaton.

Currently Stacy works full time as a Police Officer for a small township is Southeastern Pennsylvania. While her current position is that of a patrol officer, she spends a lot of time doing investigations and crime scene processing. Forensics is something she loves and she takes her job seriously. It is not just about proving who is guilty, it is also about proving people are innocent.

Stacy is also a wife to a Police Officer and with their constant schedules life can get very hectic at home. She has been blessed with two children, a son who is currently in the United States Navy and is very proud of him for what he is doing and for serving his country.

Her daughter is a priceless princess who loves to help market her books to teachers and other parents while she is at school and church. She is also working on a book.

When she is not working the job that currently pays all the bills, she works on her business. Yes, she has her own business too!

She also has two Shiloh Shepherd dogs, Garda and Callie. They are a bit different than the standard German Shepherds most people are use to. They are larger and less aggressive and they have more fur!


Garda has a face that resembles a wolf, which makes him extra special to Stacy. (You can see by the photo that she wears a wolf pendant). Garda actually means “The Guardian” in Irish. It is also the name of the Irish Police. Rather fitting for the family of officers don’t you think?


In her spare time… she writes.

Stacy is currently working on Book 3 of the International Best Selling “My Blood Runs Blue” Series. She is also working on a general fiction novel about domestic violence, a contemporary romance novel and a dramatic and dark series about Addiction with author John Walker.

She is shooting to have all of these published in 2012.

Stacy has plans for another paranormal series and several other books that she will start working on once the others are finished.

This includes the fourth and final book of the “My Blood Runs Blue” series.

My Blood Runs Blue

“I’m still a cop, and my blood runs blue.”
Officer Kristin Greene has always felt that something was missing from her life. Although her job with the Fawn Hollow Township Police Department keeps her busy, she still feels like there is something else out there for her.
She soon finds herself investigating a homicide where a young woman has had her throat ripped out. As she begins to dig for the answers, she finds herself thrown into a world she didn’t know ever existed.
When the two strong and silent men walk into her life, she finds herself being pulled into a love triangle that has been going on longer than she has been alive.
Who are they and why do they keep calling her Calista? Join Kristin as she fights to learn the truth about the recent murder, the two seductive men who have entered into her life and the real truth about herself.
My Blood Runs Blue is book one of the series.
My Blood Runs Blue is an adult Action/Romance Series and is intended for mature audiences.

Blue Blood for Life… is the second book in the Series and was released on September 30, 2011. Book 3 is in progress and will be released in 2012.

Blue Blood For Life

“You belong to me… for life…”

After a month off, Kristin comes back to work happier then she’s been in a long time. Her new status in life has her solving crimes faster and better than she ever could before. When Alex goes missing, Kristin finds she finally has to reveal the secrets of her life to her friends. Will they be able to stand beside her after they learn all that she has hidden from them? Julian and Gabe stand beside her faithfully as they try to locate Alex.

They are surprised to find Trent already in Fawn Hollow, but know that Trent may be the only one to do what Alex has asked them to do. As one more choice is taken away from Kristin, she attempts to make the best of it, but finds herself drawn to Trent in a way Julian and Alexander could never compare to.

Trent goes to work with Kristin to keep her safe but will he be able to handle all that her police world entails? Can he handle the side of her that she reveals, the one that Alex and Julian know nothing about? When Kristin and Trent uncover the connection between her job and the kidnapping, they are finally able to put the pieces together, but can they get to Alex fast enough? Will Kristin be able to handle rescuing Alex and all that she learns in the process?

Join Kristin, Julian, Trent and Alexander as they dive into a new mystery that will have you turning the pages quickly to find out who is responsible and how Kristin’s life is forever changed once again. 

Stacy is also the “Drill Sgt” for an awesome group for writers, The World Literary Cafe  http://worldliterarycafe.com/

World Literary Cafe

Stacy’s books on Amazon

My Blood Runs Blue


Blue Blood for Life


YouTube Book Trailer


Contact Stacy

Website: http://stacyseatoncom.fatcow.com/

Visit my Blog: http://stacyeatonauthor.blogspot.com/

FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stacy-Eaton/191880767522183

World Literary Cafe: Where Authors, Readers, Bloggers & Reviewers Unite: http://worldliterarycafe.com/

Stacy is also a very talented photographer. See some of her photos http://stacyeatonauthor.blogspot.com/p/photography.html

I want to personally thank Stacy for joining me today and for all the help she has given me. I get frustrated a lot on the writing road and she is always willing to lend an ear or give me words of advice and encouragement. Thank you too for interviewing me on your site!


I love to hear from my readers, whether good, bad or anything in between!

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