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Honoring the woman behind the bestselling memoir-WEEDMONKEY on her St. Patrick’s Day birthday

Today, March 17, was my beloved mom Victoria‘s birthday.

Here are some things I want you to know about my Mom:

She was a strong and loving woman who grew up in the coal mining camps of Kentucky and West Virginia and suffered through a very difficult childhood during the Depression. She could have grown up angry and bitter however she chose to spend her life looking out for children and making their lives better than the one she had.

She loved antiques, pink roses, purple irises, wisteria, and poppies.

She loved Tim McGraw, Kid Rock, Wesley Snipes, Snoop Dog, and James Garner. She esp loved Rod Stewart and Freddie Mercury.

She thought Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow should be together and it would have broken her heart if Tim and Faith ever broke up.

She loved Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, and it would have broken my heart to tell her he had died. I was grateful she had passed before he did.

She thought a woman should be President saying that a woman would not be so quick to send our boys and men into war.

She would cry and get angry when another soldier fell on the battlefield during the Gulf War.

She loved history and doing research on our area.


My grandfather Jesse, grandmother Maude, my uncle Gerald, and my mom.

She loved to cook and bake, and our kitchen was always full of cakes, cookies and cupcakes, and she would always put cake mix in a coffee cup and hand me and Gary a spoon.

She was a writer who wrote short stories and published a small book called, “Almanac for a Bored Housewife” and asked me and Daddy to draw and design the cover. I was 15.

She loved ghost stories.

When I was a little girl, she, Gary and I went to a gas station one night in Frederick. The girl came out to pump our gas and it was freezing. My mother asked her where her gloves where and the girl said she had forgotten them. My mother took off her gloves and gave them to her. I remember sitting in the back seat thinking, I want to be like that one day.

Her favorite television show was “The Twilight Zone” and her favorite movie was “Random Harvest.”

She loved the Springtime and all the flowers and lush greenery that it would bring.


The original photo I used as the cover of Weedmonkey. My uncle Gerald and my mom Victoria.

She loved watching country music videos.

She was terrified of the movie, “The Shining.”

She was scared to death of snakes.

She loved anything Victorian.

She thought commercials were ridiculous.

Her favorite color was Blue.

Her favorite trees were Mimosa, Holly, Magnolia, and Willow.

She loved Butterfingers and Werthers Caramels.

She got me hooked on “Sex and the City.”

I got her hooked on “Days Of Our Lives”.

She taught herself how to use Web-TV in her 60’s so she could check out the internet.

She was a big seller on eBay and had the ID name Vic10 because none of the other Vics were available.

She was born dead in 1929 and her Cherokee grandmother saved her life by removing the “veil” she had been born with saying, “The white doctors don’t know anything about birthin’ a Cherokee baby!”


My Cherokee great grandmother Dicie, who brought my mother back to life as a baby.

As a child, she fell into the hole in an outhouse, landing in the “basement” and her father and some men had to tip it over in order to save her as she was drowning in the debris.

She and my Dad were the 4-H leaders for Pleasant Valley and she was the PTA President for Pleasant Valley Elementary School and made many changes to the area.

She volunteered countless hours at the school helping children learn how to read and write. Every life she ever touched can remember “Miss Proulx.”

She is responsible for the flashing light at the end of Valley Road.

She idolized her grandchildren Shelley and Mandy and said both of them would do great things one day. She was so proud of them.

When spelling our last name, she would always say, “P as in Paul, R-O-U-L-X.”

She could not tell a joke to save her soul, yet she was hilarious, would come out with the craziest things, and when we laughed at her she always said, “I’m glad I am a source of amusement!”

When I would climb too high in a tree and couldn’t get down, she would climb up there and get me.

She couldn’t stand anything around her neck and would never wear turtlenecks.

She loved my cooking and always told me I should cook for a restaurant.

After she passed, I baked some homemade yeast rolls and left her one on the counter with a note.

At her memorial service, I played all of her favorite songs including, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Memories” from the musical Cats.

When we were little, she would sing, “Summertime” to me and Gary as we went to sleep.

She let us roller skate in the house.

She loved Butter Pecan ice cream.

She was a 3rd generation psychic/medium who grew up in an era where people didn’t talk about such things.


Her other grandmother Mallie Victoria whom I am named after.

A chicken once attacked her when she was trying to save a baby chick, the hen jumped on her head, and my dad shot it off at about 50 feet away.

She had the patience of a saint.

She owned her own antique shop on our farm back in the 1970’s called “Vicki’s Antiques” and she was the first person on Valley Road to have a yard sale. She went on to co-own “Boonsboro Antiques and Flea Market” and ran it for 12 years. Then she owned “Victoria’s” in Hagerstown for several more.

She had a life worth remembering and today is not a sad day. It is a day we remember a beautiful woman who was a wonderful mother, wife and friend. A quiet, graceful Cherokee who could see beyond people’s faults and mistakes, someone who saw the good in everyone and made each of them her friend.

I was proud to call her Ma.

She had a good life … and she had a good death … surrounded by love. She is loved and fondly remembered today and every day.

Happy Birthday Ma! I love you and miss you so much! ♥♥♥

WEEDMONKEY available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook:



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The Benefits of Learning A New Language

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Something New

When I was a little girl…I was obsessed with I Dream of Jeannie.

When I saw this beautiful woman with long blonde hair put her arms up over her head and shimmy her way into a magic bottle, I knew then, that I wanted to be a belly dancer.

However…it was not until I was 43 years old that I embraced the chance to learn how to dance and within a few short months, my instructor asked me to dance in her troupe and I belly danced for several years.

When I was a little girl…my father tried to teach me to speak French, his native language.

However…he said I was hopeless. He said, “I don’t understand you Lisa, you are a French kid but you are speaking French like an Italian kid. Nowhere on either side of your family are you Italian. I am French Canadian, your mother is French and Cherokee Indian, so why are you speaking Italian?”

I didn’t know.

He taught me a valuable lesson that day…be a sponge and soak up all the knowledge that you can.

If someone offers you a free class…take it.

If someone knows something you don’t…embrace and learn from that person.

If someone has valuable information that may help you in your career, your relationships, your life…then listen to them.

Over the years, I’ve regretted not knowing another language, I’ve regretted not being able to speak my father’s native tongue and I’ve regretted not learning enough from my father while he was here.

So…at 49 years old, I decided to learn another language. I was going to show my father, who passed away in 1986, that I can do this. I can learn a new language, master it and show him I can do this.

So…now I can speak Italian.

A little…un po! 🙂

But the point is, I’m learning and I didn’t think I was too old or too stupid to figure it out, I just wanted to learn something new and I didn’t let anything stand in my way.

Scientist have proven that our brains are a muscle and like our biceps, the more you use them, the stronger they get.

Benefits of learning a new language

Studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several benefits.

1. You become smarter

Speaking a foreign language improves your brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems.

2. Your decision-making skills improve

According to a study from the University of Chicago, bilinguals tend to make more rational decisions. Bilinguals are more confident with their choices after thinking it over in the second language and seeing whether their initial conclusions will stand up.

3. You improve your English

Learning a foreign language teaches you the mechanics of language: like grammar and sentence structure. You become more aware of language, and the ways it can be structured and manipulated.

Knowing these skills can make you a more effective communicator and a sharper editor and a stronger writer. Language speakers also develop a better ear for listening, since they’re skilled at distinguishing meaning from discreet sounds.

Guess what? These things are good! 🙂

So think about it, when was the last time you learned something new? Just for the fun of it or for the passion of enriching your personal growth.

In closing, let me leave you with a quote from Matthew Lesko:

“It’s never too late to change. It’s never too late to make your life more worthwhile. By the time you reach 50 or 60, you have a good chance of making it to 80 or even 90 years of age. And you might as well be doing what you really want to be doing in the next 40 years of your life, if you didn’t have the chance to do it in the first part.”

Lisa V. Proulx


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Hi Everyone!

Well, it was in the 60’s today here in Maryland, not bad for a January day! I took Kurgan and Harley out and played ball with them in the back yard. We had a blast!

I came across another cool article that I really enjoyed and I wanted to share it with you. It gave me a lot of hope as a self~published author and I hope it helps you too.

It’s called From “Self-Published Success to Agented Author.” Check it out!


I watched the movie “DEVIL”  last night which is about five people who get trapped in an elevator and soon discover, to their horror, that one of them is the devil! Ouch! It had some scary scenes that had me putting the covers over my eyes. Yes, yes, even though I write that stuff, I still get freaked out. If I don’t write it, I have no control over it! That’s why my characters don’t scare me, well sometimes they do but I tell them to cool it and they usually listen since they need me to tell their story! 🙂


February and March are totally filled now and I am looking for authors for April. Man, the year is going by so fast it seems. If you are interested, please see my contact info below.


It’s almost time to open up my monthly contest starting in February! Every month I will be giving away a FREE copy of one of my books, your choice.

The choices are (these will be repeated later)


A dying mother’s advice for the obstinate daughter she is leaving behind.

When the author lost her mother in 2006, she could have been a better daughter. She tried to be the daughter that her mother wanted and needed at this time of sorrow but she didn’t know how to be that person.

In a collection of short pieces of advice, the author has put together words of comfort and wisdom that her Cherokee mother gave her over the years. She never knew at the time, that this advice would help her as she took care of a dying parent. It also served as a catalyst to help her regain her footing after a series of tragedies following her mother’s death, left her in a crippling, suicidal depression for three years.

A story of hope, inspiration and how a briar of a child became the flower that her mother always dreamed of…but died before she got a chance to see her bloom.



A hauntingly beautiful tale about vampire love and betrayal between a mortal and an undead.

Craving a taste for the dark side, Veronica gets more than she bargained for when she is seduced by Victor, an evil and dangerous vampire. His obsession with her runs her off the road to Heaven and soon she too will turn her back on righteousness.

Longing to be mortal again and trapped in the darkness of an immortal life, she struggles with knowing right from wrong, Heaven from Hell, and love from hate.

But when she discovers the truth about her dark prince, will it be too late? Will her new vampire friend help her destroy the only man she has ever loved? And why is he so willing to help her destroy him?

You will fall in love with the innocent Veronica and her search for love, feel her joy at rekindling an old flame and die with her as the love of her life becomes her murderer.

Victor is a charming but wicked vampire who could compel a corpse on the gallows to speak. We follow him as he preys on Veronica, senses her weakness and watch as he pounces on her and destroys her with just…one…puncture.

Every woman knows a man like Victor…



An abusive husband kills his wife then dies in prison and is sent to Hell. After making a deal with the devil, he must go through seven levels of Heaven to retrieve her and bring Satan back her soul. But the trip up to Heaven is not so easy for this murderer who is entangled in a business arrangement with the devil. The agreement involves two road maps, one to Heaven and one back down to Hell, bribing angels, being conned by demons, facing karmic debt and searching his way through a paradise where he is not welcome to find his dead wife and ruin her peaceful eternity.



 A civil war ghost story about a young soldier describing the horrors of war in letters to his mother back home. After fighting in the battle of Antietam, his life is forever changed and he becomes frightened by the changes around him.



A dark and wispy tale of an angry and vicious man who is hell bent on raising his wayward son even though the man committed suicide and is no longer an earthly being but a demon hidden behind a veil of shadows.

Darien and Lucinda’s son died as an infant. The baby, whose soul was pure, rejected his evil father and his violent ways.

After enduring years of abuse, Lucinda has had enough. After she leaves Darien, she finds him dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Nine months later she gives birth to another son, a son born of evil and ready and willing to be the child that Darien has longed for.

What follows is a hellish nightmare with a demonic son whose guidance from a long dead father he never knew, makes Lucinda’s life a living hell. A father who committed suicide and now a nobody, a lost soul, hidden behind a veil of shadows.


~Contact Me~

I love to hear from my readers, whether good, bad or anything in between!

If you are interested in reviewing my books, interviewing me or being a guest on my blog, please contact me at Magicforest@peoplepc.com

Let me know if you want to be added to my distro list for upcoming book info!

I’ll also let you know about new releases, contests and other fun stuff and you’ll find
out all the juicy stuff before anyone else does!



Smashwords Author Profile

Follow my blog:  https://lisavproulx.wordpress.com/

FaceBook Author Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-V-Proulx-Author-Fan-Page/223212131077410

And as always, thank you for your continued love and support! 🙂

(¸.·´ (¸.·’*Lisa¸.·*´¨)

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”
– Dr. Joyce Brothers

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UPCOMING RELEASE!!! “The Rainbow Won’t Wait”

Hi again,

Wow, two blog posts in one day! I must be getting the hang of this blog thing! I didn’t even know what a Blog was until last year! Yeah, yeah, I’m a little behind the times but so what! I am a laid back 70’s chick who is not computer savvy but at least I can type and spell! 🙂

As you know, I write horror novels. Plain and simple scare the poop out of you horror novels. I try not to be too graphic and keep the genre clean with tales that may remind you of Alfred Hitchcock or The Twilight Zone. Others delve into the supernatural and are full of vampires and witches. Hey, they say to write what you know!

But you may not know that I also write other types of stories such as inspirational, memoir and even comedy. But the book I have coming out next is a story that I wrote about my mom after she passed away in 2006.

My mom Victoria was a wonderful and beautiful woman. As a Cherokee Indian, she was full of advice, quotes and little sayings that I grew up hearing but never really appreciating until her passing.

She had a favorite quote that she used on everything such as her email signature. I even had it printed on her memory cards at her memorial service.

“The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work”

What this means simply is the work will wait, enjoy life, it’s later than you think!

My upcoming book, “The Rainbow Won’t Wait” is a collection of advice from a dying mother to her obstinate daughter who she was leaving behind.

I could have been a better daughter but only had what I had to work with…me.

Although a good person, I was very difficult for my mother. I was an arrogant French kid who grew up mainly raised by my father, a charming French Canadian, and we had a bond that was unbreakable.

I loved my mother dearly but she was closer to my brother in many respects due to his childhood illness that left him terminally ill at one point in his young life.

When my father died in 1986, I felt lost. I felt as though he had left me with two people, my mother and my brother, who were almost strangers to me. They had the bond that Daddy and I had, but now he was gone and I felt isolated from them. Although my mother never, ever made me feel that way. It was something that I owned.

She loved me in spite of the fact that I was a faulty human and a “devilish” child as she would say. Her Indian name for me was “Running Mouth” and I was a hyper child who never sat still for a moment.

Taking care of her for three months as she lay dying, I listened to her for the first time in my life. I heard every breath she took, knowing that one of those breaths would be her last.

I didn’t know how to take care of a dying mother. I was scared to death of losing her and when I heard the Big “C” word, I began to mourn her at that very moment. Although I was an adult when she passed, I was still a smart ass, frightened little brat who didn’t have a clue what life was all about.

It took her death to teach me.

I tell the story of taking care of her, challenging her, even in her last months, and wanting to be the daughter that she needed me to be but not knowing how to be that person.

I talk about how her death changed me and how the hell that I was dragged into after her death plunged me into a three year crippling, suicidal depression. One by one, I had deaths and tragedies befall me until I was broken, scared and alone. But in that break, my own soul death, I rose again…a better person.

There are also funny moments between us as mother and daughter. Tender moments that I will treasure for eternity and silly things that she said under the influence of Morphine. She couldn’t tell a joke to save her soul but she would say some of the funniest things. I loved her so much!

I feel now, six years after her passing, I am the woman that she wanted me to be. I hope she can look down on me from Heaven and see how I have changed and as she said, “living up to my potential and making a difference in the world and not just taking up space in it.”

Hopefully this book will inspire others and help to guide you through a difficult time. I also hope that the words of comfort from my mother will help you as well. I feel they are wise words and I want to share them with you. I want to heal others not hurt them.

The book is written in short chapters of advice that she gave me as a child and how those words of comfort came back to hug me as an adult dealing with the death of a parent.

There is also information in the book about her rare type of cancer and the early warning signs that everyone should look out for, no matter your age.

I am looking for a March release since her birthday would have been March 17, the day before mine!

The book cover will be released this week!

Thank you for your continued love and support! 🙂

Early reviews for Rainbow:

“Lisa tells a brutally honest and poignant story about a mother and daughter dealing with the difficult task of caring for a dying parent. The words of comfort in The Rainbow Won’t Wait actually helped me deal with my own mother’s recent passing.” Brenda J., teacher and avid book lover

“I loved this book and it actually made me cry! I know Lisa personally and have been witness to the remarkable transformation she has undergone since her mother’s death. She has overcome incredible obstacles, ones that I don’t think I could have, but she came through it all like the champ she is. Thank you for sharing this story with the world.”  Barbara H., writer

“Brutally honest, this is a powerful piece of work! A guide to help anyone through the dark corners of life. Good job Lisa!” Rosemary A., reader

“Vicki (her mom) would be so proud of her!” Anne W., antique dealer and avid book lover

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