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Giveaway! Free Kindle eBook on Amazon! WEEDMONKEY

Hi everyone!

I love the Fall, don’t you? There is something crisp and clean about the cooler breeze, the turning leaves and the magic in the air that surrounds All Hallows Eve. I love it!

October is also my favorite month so to honor the changing of the seasons, I am giving away a FREE copy of my latest book WEEDMONKEY.

My mom began writing this book when I was a little girl and I’ve heard the story many times. It is one of hardship, poverty and pain. It is, the true story of her childhood.

She wanted to write the book herself but for fear of scorn from her family (most of whom were still alive at the time) she put the book away, unfinished.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given three months to live. On her deathbed, she asked me to finish writing it for her. I lovingly said yes.

I know in my heart, she never thought it would see the light of day, yet in July of this year, it was released and it is now a Best Seller on Amazon.



Growing up during the Depression and forced to live in coal mining camps throughout Appalachia, Virgie Hopkins is subjected to child molestation, the KKK, murder, homelessness, starvation and ridicule for being the daughter of the town whore.

Virgie grows up hating her mother who was taken away when she was nine years old and while she was gone, she and her brother were put into foster care, starved and abused.

When her mother returned, she did not know her husband or her children and Virgie could not understand why she had changed.

At 16, Virgie made the decision to leave Kentucky and the only life she had ever known after discovering her prostitute mother was having an affair with the young boy Virgie loved.

Filled with hatred, resentment and shame for the woman she called Mom, it was not until her mother’s funeral, did she learn the horrible truth, the reason for her change and the reason why she became the town whore, a weedmonkey.

A haunting true story…

For your FREE Kindle copy of WEEDMONKEY on Amazon…follow the link below! Thank you for your continued love and support! 🙂


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