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NEW RELEASE PRE-ORDER ~Vampire Novel ~ The Terrible Dawn~

My new book THE TERRIBLE DAWN is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

It’s the sequel to my bestselling vampire novel Puncture and will be released on December 1!

The Terrible Dawn book promo

Pre-order The Terrible Dawn on Amazon here

In the bestselling vampire novel PUNCTURE, you met Veronica, a young Christian who was murdered by her lover Victor, who unknown to her was a wicked and sadistic vampire. 

After struggling with her mortal soul, she eventually gave in to Victor’s desire to have a protégé’ he created in his own image. 

Powerless to resist any longer, Veronica becomes a killing machine who eventually destroys Victor after he committed the ultimate act of betrayal. 

After walking in death for over 120 years, Veronica is now living in a remote, medieval village in Italy.

Tired, lonely, and wanting to die, she will do anything it takes to be redeemed in the eyes of God and be reunited with her family in Heaven. 

But will her friendship with a young priest put his life in danger and destroy any chance she has at being saved? Or will the holy man of God provide her with the answers she needs to finally find redemption?

THE TERRIBLE DAWN BookCoverPreview (1)


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All eBooks just .99 Cents for December!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Winter! It’s cold, snowy and icy here in Maryland but in my dreams, it’s 75 degrees with a tropical breeze. Ahhh, a girl can dream can’t I? 🙂

Well, this year certainly went by quickly and the new year is almost upon us and as a way to say thank you to all of my friends, fans and family, I want to present this special offer to you.

For the month of December only, all of my eBooks will be just .99 cents on Amazon!

Yep, that’s right, just .99 cents!

Since I write in different genres, there is something for everyone’s taste.

If you like Horror and Vampires (and who doesn’t) check out my very first book which is a haunting story of love and betrayal between a mortal and an undead.





If you want to be inspired, check out a story of a dying mother’s advice to the obstinate daughter she is leaving behind.


Rainbow Cover THIS IS THE ONE TO USE READY January 10, 2012


If you love Non-Fiction and want to read a haunting true story of growing up poor in Appalachia during the Depression, you’ll love


(an Amazon Best Seller)



How about a true life after death story that will not only shock you but will make you see dying in a whole new light. My latest release is


(an Amazon Best Seller)

A TEMPORARY DEATH - 1900X2850 FOR CREATESPACE JULY 5, 2013 Banner text resized for CS


Or how about something to keep you warm on these cold winter nights. A HOT, erotic rock star romance that is sure to curl not only your hair but your toes as well. Written under my pen name, Veronica Moreau.

LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie



These are just a few of my books to whet your appetite, I have eight books in all to choose from.

They can all be found on my Amazon page


So, thank you again for your continued love and support!

Have a great day and we’ll talk soon! Stay warm! 🙂

(¸.·´ (¸.·’*Lisa¸.·*´¨)

“None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



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Meet Horror Author Armand Rosamilia

Hi everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your Spring time weather. Here in Maryland, it seemed as though the warm weather would never make an appearance. Alas, it was in the 70’s today and I actually got to lay out in the sun…ah…heaven!

It’s been a while since I have written in my blog. I had a death in my family on March 12 and as you probably know, losing a loved one can really take its toll on a person. I am now getting back into the swing of things and wanted you to meet someone today.

Read on….




Welcome this talented author!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Armand recently and I got to know him a little better. You’ll love his whacky sense of humor and you’ll find out why this talented and diverse author is not just “the zombie guy!”

1.) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

At twelve, reading Dean Koontz paperbacks. I have take it more serious on and off in the last 30 years or so, but I always refer to this as the starting point. I wanted to write these elaborate horror or thriller stories and be rich and famous. Until I get there, I keep writing. And will probably never stop even if it actually comes true.

2.) What type of genre do you write in?

Horror, mostly zombie stories right now, but I have dabbled in thrillers, steampunk, non-fiction, fantasy, erotica, and eventually I will expand it even further. I don’t want to be known only as the Zombie Guy, I want to be known as an Author.


3.) What inspires you to write in this genre?

The human condition, as they say. I love writing horror that can actually happen (hey, zombies can happen! Watch the news!), and see normal people in situations and write to see if they can get out of them. Whether it’s an ancient evil, the undead, a serial killer or your sick and twisted cousin trying to kill you, I want to write and see what happens next.

4.) Where do you get your ideas for your writing?

Walking around in Walmart. I have so many ideas in my head anyway. I won’t ever have enough time to write them all down. I don’t need ideas, I need to type faster and an assistant to dictate stories to.


5.) Who are your favorite authors and why?

Obviously Koontz growing up. Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft… later, Brian Keene, Douglas Clegg, John Everson… they all bring their own unique style to horror, and as a writer I learned something from each of them.

6.) In your opinion, what key parts of a story make it great?

The hook. I am an impatient reader, so if you don’t catch my eye with something unique in the first chapter or three, you lost me. I try to keep that in mind when I’m writing. I want that opening line to hook you… for instance, the opening line to Tool Shed is “The cows had exploded.” That makes you want to read more. The opening line to my Highway To Hell extreme zombie novella is… well, I can’t really say what it is, since it’s pretty over the top crazy. But you get the point.


7.) What activities do you do for inspiration?

I jog 37 miles a day and pull fire trucks with my teeth. Actually, I sit on my butt all day and do nothing but write. I love to people watch, and get many inspirations from eavesdropping on conversations and watching the way people move and interact with one another.

8.) Do you belong to any writing communities, or critique groups?

I am a member of the very loose Florida Horror Writers group, but we don’t have meetings or anything. We try to get together at local conventions and help one another out online. I am also a member of the HWA and heading to the Bram Stoker Awards in NOLA this June.


9.) Has your work won any awards?

I’ve won the prestigious Tim Baker Author Award for Excellence. OK, I just made that up.

10.) Do you have a day job?

Yes, as an author. I have been blessed to be able to do this full-time. I set a daily goal and I break it most days, because I do this as a job and not as a hobby anymore. I set a schedule to write, and I write seven days a week.

11.) What advice would you give to others who are interested in pursuing a career in writing?

Start drinking heavily. Actually (besides that) I would do as much research about the business end of things as you can, and be realistic in your goals. Do you want to get rich and quit your day job? You need to be really special to do this, and have talent not because your mom thinks you’re good (my mom thinks I’m great, except the stuff she says sucks) but because an actual audience of readers you don’t know says you are good.


12.) What is the title of your upcoming/newly released novel, and where can we find it?

My latest is a traditional horror novella, Tool Shed, released by Angelic Knight Press. You can find it in eBook format everywhere, with a print release scheduled in the future. It’s about a man who inherits a farm from his grandfather, a notorious property where the Tool Shed Murders took place.


13.) What is the best way for your fans to contact you? (see below for links)

Through all social media. Wherever there is a chance for me to be seen and be heard, I will be there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even New Myspace… I am a media whore, but I don’t just push my books down your throat. I like to have fun and play around and meet new people. If you live in Florida you can also come down to Farley’s Irish Pub in Palm Coast and buy me a banana bread beer or three.

14.) What is your ultimate goal/dream concerning your writing?

To be realistic about it and be able to keep paying the bills doing it. As long as I can do that and not have stress about money and paying the electric bill, I will be fine. I don’t need anything more than that.

15.) Any final thoughts?

Yes, I have many.


Armand was given the choice to answer some other questions just for fun. Check out his answers!


1. If you could spend a day with anyone, living or dead, real or fictitious, who would it be and why?

A complete stranger, so I can interview them and build an interesting story from their life travels and their point of view. I love meeting new people, and each day I get introduced to someone new who might end up in a story. Or I’d like to hang out with Bruce Springsteen.


2. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Besides all of them? I worked in a fast food chicken takeout place right after high school, cutting up chickens. It was gross. I lasted two weeks. I have nothing against animals (I think they are all equally tasty) but the conditions in the kitchen would close it down today. I hope, anyway.

3. What’s your favorite music?

I am 43 and a huge Metalhead. I listen to Metal every day, and old school Thrash Metal (Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Cyclone Temple, old Metallica) is my favorite.


4. What’s your favorite TV program?

I don’t watch much TV, but I love the Showtime series Shameless, and watching Red Sox games. I’d rather be writing or reading than watching mindless television.

5. What’s your favorite food?

Have you seen me? I’m on the wrong side of 300 lbs., so most food. But if I had to pick… pizza, mushroom Swiss burgers, cheese steak sandwiches, and pound bags of M&M’s… don’t judge me.

6. Five words that describe yourself…

Sexy, funny, gorgeous, perfect… and humble.


7. Which is more important to you – character or plot?

A good story has one or the other, a great story has both and they are both done well.

8. How do you visualize the scenes as you write?

Like an episode of Blossom. With even more zombies than in the actual show.

9. Do you have a writing day/days? If so, how do you structure them? If not, how do you manage to write?

I arrive at Kokomo’s Café in Flagler Beach Florida about 8 am, and check my e-mails and get coffee until 9, then I write for three hours (and hit my 2,000 word daily goal) and then have lunch. I catch up on e-mails and interviews and blog posts until it’s time to go home.

10. When did you start writing stories?

When I was twelve, total Dean Koontz rip-offs. I got serious for a time in my twenties but then life got in the way. Again, same story in my early thirties. I decided I was never going to be happy unless I was writing, and for the last three or four years I’ve had writing as a priority.


11. What are your current writing projects?

I always have several open docs on my laptop. As I write this, I have nine open right now I need to finish, and that doesn’t include the ideas I haven’t committed to paper yet. I can switch from project to project, and slowly complete them when the mood strikes.

12. What are you currently reading?

I have a huge TBR pile in both print and on my Kindle, but I love reading biographies more than anything. I’m actually reading three different ones right now, about Clarence Clemons, Adam Corolla, and Bruce Dickinson. If you could somehow combine the three into one book it would probably be even better.

Thanks for having me on your site! All the best \m/



He can run…but he cannot hide…from his fans! (I don’t think he’d want to)














Thank you Armand for joining me today! It was a blast getting to know you and I wish you the best in your writing career!


“I believe that even the simplest chunk of flesh has every right in the world to be alive.” – Dr. Gabriel Schreklich, Night of the Dead: Leben Tod (2006)





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Meet Author C.V. HUNT! Horror/Paranormal author of ENDLESSLY…

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been off the scene for awhile, everything is okay now and getting back to normal.

It is a real scorcher here in Maryland today…it’s over 100 degrees! I like hot weather but not fry an egg on the sidewalk kind of hot!

Been working on my latest book, LICK AND A PROMISE and looking for an agent for a book I wrote about my mother’s life story.

Going back to belly dance in the Fall after an accident last summer left me grounded for several months. Can’t shimmy with broken ribs.

I’ve also taken up yoga! Trying to get a little more flexible in my belly dance routine and add some tribal to my dance. I enjoy it and feel like a pretzel after my classes! 🙂

Life is good!

Meet Horror/Paranormal writer C.V. Hunt!

C.V. Hunt is the author to the Endlessly series. Look for the squeal Legacy. She lives in North West Ohio with her husband. In her spare time she reads, writes, paints, listens to music and likes to watch horror movies.

“I write reviews for The LL Book Review. The LL is a great site for anyone that is interested in POD, indie, and small press books. We are a mixture of people in the writing field, with one mission – to help authors by writing reviews. If you are an author – and interested in having your book reviewed – please check out the Pick me! section of their website. If your book lies with in the horror, supernatural, paranormal or bizarre genre.”

1.) When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

It was a few years ago. There was an unexpected death in the family. It made me take a look at the things I had done in my life, and the things I wanted to do. Writing a book was one of them.

2.) What type of genre do you write in?

Currently all of my work is paranormal/horror, but I’d like to take a swing at other genres.

3.) What inspires you to write in this genre?

I’ve always been fascinated with horror and dark things. I’ve filled my life with these types of books and movies, so it just feels natural to write about them.

4.) Where do you get your ideas for your writing?

I have a desire to take the popular idea of something and make it the opposite. Since I’m big on horror, friends will ask me odd questions about horror monsters. Some of their questions have never been answered, or they’re answered differently throughout the history of books or movies. I like to walk away from those conversations with my own ideas of what the answers should be.

5.) Who are your favorite authors and why?

I have so many, it’s hard to narrow it down. I love Chuck Palahniuk’s ability to tell a story from first person perspective, and David Wellington’s books are thoroughly researched. I’ve had the pleasure to talk with and meet authors. Each author has their niche, and once they find it, it transcends through in their writing. 

6.) In your opinion, what key parts of a story make it great?

I’m more of a character driven reader. If I can get sucked into the main characters, and feel sympathetic for them, then I feel the author has accomplished something.

7.) What activities do you do for inspiration?

I usually listen to music and read. Just talking to people seems to open my imagination up a lot.

8.) Do you belong to any writing communities, or critique groups?

I am a Goodreads member, http://www.goodreads.com/cvhunt and I also review books for the LL Book Review http://llbookreview.com/

 9.) Has your work won any awards?


10.) Do you have a day job?

Yes. I haven’t met too many independent authors who are full-time writers. Being an independent author has become very accessible to anyone with the time and patience to pursue it. But it’s also unpredictable, and there are no benefits.

11.) What advice would you give to others who are interested in pursuing a career in writing?

Keep writing. It’s a shame how many authors will write one book and just wait for it to become famous overnight. They don’t do anything in the mean time but sit and base their whole writing career on the success of one book. The best thing to do is get your name out there as much as possible, and just keep writing. Don’t let negative reviews get you down.

 12.) What is the title of your upcoming/newly released novel, and where can we find it?

I recently released Phantom, the third book of the Endlessly trilogy. http://www.amazon.com/Phantom-Volume-3-C-Hunt/dp/1456487116/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1332643109&sr=8-2 You can also get it as a download for Kindle, iTunes, Nook, and Sony by searching for it or down it at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/133344

13.) What is the best way for your fans to contact you?

I prefer e-mail verloren@authorcvhunt.com but anyone is welcome to follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/verlorenfagan or on Twitter @CVHunt

14.) What is your ultimate goal/dream concerning your writing?

I think every author’s dream is for their writing to fund their financial needs, but I just enjoy hearing from people who liked the books. I would definitely like to branch out and experiment with my writing.

15.) Any final thoughts?

I’d like to thank you for having me. Being a author is a voiceless profession, and we can only be heard through the voice of our readers, and reviewers.

FUN Bonus questions 

1. If you could spend a day with anyone, living or dead, real or fictitious, who would it be and why?

Kurt Cobain. He has been a large influence for me. His music, art, and life, keep me inspired on almost a daily basis. 

 2. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Waitressing tables. People don’t realize how demanding of a job it can be, and the pay is horrible. I think it has made me a better tipper and sympathetic to food servers.

 3. What’s your favorite type of music?

I listen to a wide variety of music. Screamo seems to be dominating my playlist at the moment, but it changes on regular basis. It may be filled with indie folk music tomorrow. It’s usually some type of rock, but you can find techno, and rap mixed in also.

 4. What’s your favorite TV program?


Hmm. I think it’s a tossup between Tosh.0 and South Park. I have an unusual sense of humor.

 5. What’s your favorite food?

French fries.

 7. Which is more important to you – character or plot?

Character. If you fall in love with the character you can follow them through any plot.

 8. How do you visualize the scenes as you write?

Sometimes I envision it just like I were reading any other book, but there are times when I close my eyes and try to play the scene out like a movie.

 9. Do you have a writing day/days? If so, how do you structure them? If not, how do you manage to write?

I work an unusual swing-shift, so I tend to write on my days off. I try to wait until after midnight when the world is quieter. 

 12. What are you currently reading?

Wicked Hungry by Teddy Jacobs

Books by C.V. Hunt

BOOK #1 When Ashley walks into a shop run by the vampire, Verloren, they both get the surprise of their lives. Ash is about to learn that she’s not just another pretty young woman, while Verloren is astonished to find himself falling in love. But how can a vampire love a human? And what if the human isn’t as human as she seems? When Ash’s true nature reveals itself, the entire power structure of the world’s outsiders teeters on the brink of destruction. Verloren and Ash become more and more terrified as they grope their way toward the ultimate truth: that they hold the key to something much larger than their own survival.

BOOK #2After defeating the dreaded Quatre, dragon-vampire, Ashley, and her lover, the vampire, Verloren, take a well-deserved rest in the Pacific Northwest. Ashley wants to learn about her newfound powers, and both of these soul mates want to chart their uncertain future. What will their role be in this world of misfits? And what is the meaning of disturbing premonitions seen only by Verloren?

 Living in a secret compound with other outsiders, Ashley discovers what Verloren already knows: when given their freedom some misfits will do the right thing, but others are still dedicated to evil.

BOOK #3 Jason Zurk is a werewolf with a soul mate named Oz, but he doesn’t want her anywhere near him. Jason yearns to give his love, and even his life, to Ashley, the vampire-dragon hybrid. Ashley barely survives on the wisp of a hope. She dreams that her own soul mate, Verloren, will somehow return from the dead.

In “Phantom” C.V. Hunt completes her trilogy with a story of the fruits and frustrations of true love in an underworld of misfits. How do traditions of marriage, family, and commitment work in a world of violence and blood? How do the world’s monsters find true happiness? Where do children fit in a life where all grownups are misfits?

Spencer Mason has discovered a secret spell that will raise the dead, and as a funeral home director, there is no short supply of bodies. As Spencer builds a legion of undead soldiers, he plans to get revenge for the torment he endured during his childhood years – until Raven Anderson moves into town.

 Blind since birth, Raven struggles to adapt with her new surroundings after the death of her mother. She finds a sympathetic shoulder to lean on when she meets Spencer, and the two find out that they have a lot in common.
Raven senses that Spencer is troubled by something that he isn’t sharing, but the thing that tortures Spencer the most is something Raven cannot see.

Love shared, love in secret, celebrated, exploded. Unrequited longing and love that’s mellowed through the years. Love at long distance, across continents, so close there’s no space to breathe, or never quite close enough. Love lost and love found. Love from the inside out and love from the outside in. Love Notes has it all: a collection of poetry as diverse as the experience of falling in love itself. A shared candied apple, a farewell at Paddington Station, a name scribbled in a notebook, a face that leaves us breathless, a single word that changes our life forever. Love Notes is a rich tapestry of verse woven from fragments of life and those moments that make falling in love so irresistible. And so inevitable. Love is unique, love is universal. Love is everywhere.

“100 Demented, Stupid, and Weird Haikus That Make No Sense” is introduced into print for the first time, along with various other works: poetry, short stories, flash fiction, unsung songs, paintings, and photography. All from the hands of C.V. Hunt. Look inside the mind of an author, and enter a demented world of words. See the photos that inspired stories, and paintings of the creatures lurking in her mind. Welcome to Hand Ramblings.

This work is a compilation of lunatic ravings by an author that can’t write. For those of you that take life too serious, or hate grammar errors, I would suggest that you stop reading, and delete this immediately.

Where to find C.V. HUNT and her books!





I love to hear from my readers, whether good, bad or anything in between!

If you are interested in reviewing my books, interviewing me or being a guest on my blog, please contact me at Magicforest@peoplepc.com

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*´¨) ¸.·*´¸.·*´¨)

(¸.·´ (¸.·’*Lisa¸.·*´¨) (¸.·’*

“Do not fear mistakes, there are none.” ~ Miles Davis


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The dark and wispy tale of an angry and violent man who is hell-bent on raising his wayward son even though the man committed suicide and is no longer an earthly being but a demon hidden behind the shadows.

Darien and Lucinda’s son died as an infant. The baby, whose soul was pure, rejected his evil father and his violent ways. 

After enduring years of abuse, Lucinda has had enough. After she leaves Darien, she finds him dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Nine months later she gives birth to another son, a son born of evil and ready and willing to be the child that Darien has longed for.

What follows is a hellish nightmare with a demonic son whose guidance from a long dead father he never knew, makes Lucinda’s life a living hell.  A father who committed suicide and now a nobody, a lost soul, hidden behind a veil of shadows.

"KING OF SHADOWS" Coming November 25th!!!


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