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Honoring the woman behind the bestselling memoir-WEEDMONKEY on her St. Patrick’s Day birthday

Today, March 17, was my beloved mom Victoria‘s birthday.

Here are some things I want you to know about my Mom:

She was a strong and loving woman who grew up in the coal mining camps of Kentucky and West Virginia and suffered through a very difficult childhood during the Depression. She could have grown up angry and bitter however she chose to spend her life looking out for children and making their lives better than the one she had.

She loved antiques, pink roses, purple irises, wisteria, and poppies.

She loved Tim McGraw, Kid Rock, Wesley Snipes, Snoop Dog, and James Garner. She esp loved Rod Stewart and Freddie Mercury.

She thought Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow should be together and it would have broken her heart if Tim and Faith ever broke up.

She loved Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter, and it would have broken my heart to tell her he had died. I was grateful she had passed before he did.

She thought a woman should be President saying that a woman would not be so quick to send our boys and men into war.

She would cry and get angry when another soldier fell on the battlefield during the Gulf War.

She loved history and doing research on our area.


My grandfather Jesse, grandmother Maude, my uncle Gerald, and my mom.

She loved to cook and bake, and our kitchen was always full of cakes, cookies and cupcakes, and she would always put cake mix in a coffee cup and hand me and Gary a spoon.

She was a writer who wrote short stories and published a small book called, “Almanac for a Bored Housewife” and asked me and Daddy to draw and design the cover. I was 15.

She loved ghost stories.

When I was a little girl, she, Gary and I went to a gas station one night in Frederick. The girl came out to pump our gas and it was freezing. My mother asked her where her gloves where and the girl said she had forgotten them. My mother took off her gloves and gave them to her. I remember sitting in the back seat thinking, I want to be like that one day.

Her favorite television show was “The Twilight Zone” and her favorite movie was “Random Harvest.”

She loved the Springtime and all the flowers and lush greenery that it would bring.


The original photo I used as the cover of Weedmonkey. My uncle Gerald and my mom Victoria.

She loved watching country music videos.

She was terrified of the movie, “The Shining.”

She was scared to death of snakes.

She loved anything Victorian.

She thought commercials were ridiculous.

Her favorite color was Blue.

Her favorite trees were Mimosa, Holly, Magnolia, and Willow.

She loved Butterfingers and Werthers Caramels.

She got me hooked on “Sex and the City.”

I got her hooked on “Days Of Our Lives”.

She taught herself how to use Web-TV in her 60’s so she could check out the internet.

She was a big seller on eBay and had the ID name Vic10 because none of the other Vics were available.

She was born dead in 1929 and her Cherokee grandmother saved her life by removing the “veil” she had been born with saying, “The white doctors don’t know anything about birthin’ a Cherokee baby!”


My Cherokee great grandmother Dicie, who brought my mother back to life as a baby.

As a child, she fell into the hole in an outhouse, landing in the “basement” and her father and some men had to tip it over in order to save her as she was drowning in the debris.

She and my Dad were the 4-H leaders for Pleasant Valley and she was the PTA President for Pleasant Valley Elementary School and made many changes to the area.

She volunteered countless hours at the school helping children learn how to read and write. Every life she ever touched can remember “Miss Proulx.”

She is responsible for the flashing light at the end of Valley Road.

She idolized her grandchildren Shelley and Mandy and said both of them would do great things one day. She was so proud of them.

When spelling our last name, she would always say, “P as in Paul, R-O-U-L-X.”

She could not tell a joke to save her soul, yet she was hilarious, would come out with the craziest things, and when we laughed at her she always said, “I’m glad I am a source of amusement!”

When I would climb too high in a tree and couldn’t get down, she would climb up there and get me.

She couldn’t stand anything around her neck and would never wear turtlenecks.

She loved my cooking and always told me I should cook for a restaurant.

After she passed, I baked some homemade yeast rolls and left her one on the counter with a note.

At her memorial service, I played all of her favorite songs including, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Memories” from the musical Cats.

When we were little, she would sing, “Summertime” to me and Gary as we went to sleep.

She let us roller skate in the house.

She loved Butter Pecan ice cream.

She was a 3rd generation psychic/medium who grew up in an era where people didn’t talk about such things.


Her other grandmother Mallie Victoria whom I am named after.

A chicken once attacked her when she was trying to save a baby chick, the hen jumped on her head, and my dad shot it off at about 50 feet away.

She had the patience of a saint.

She owned her own antique shop on our farm back in the 1970’s called “Vicki’s Antiques” and she was the first person on Valley Road to have a yard sale. She went on to co-own “Boonsboro Antiques and Flea Market” and ran it for 12 years. Then she owned “Victoria’s” in Hagerstown for several more.

She had a life worth remembering and today is not a sad day. It is a day we remember a beautiful woman who was a wonderful mother, wife and friend. A quiet, graceful Cherokee who could see beyond people’s faults and mistakes, someone who saw the good in everyone and made each of them her friend.

I was proud to call her Ma.

She had a good life … and she had a good death … surrounded by love. She is loved and fondly remembered today and every day.

Happy Birthday Ma! I love you and miss you so much! ♥♥♥

WEEDMONKEY available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle eBook:



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Being an Empath-I can smell a phony a mile away

My mother Victoria was a third generation psychic medium. She knew things, she saw things, but she never told anyone. Well, sometimes she did but she grew up in an age where if people heard or saw things that weren’t really there, they were locked away in a rubber room. So she kept quiet.

I grew up with more mediumship abilities than psychic and I am a natural born empath. What is an Empath? An Empath is a person who can psychically tune into the emotional experience of a person, place, or animal.

At one time, it scared me to be so sensitive to sounds, energy, and vibrations but now I embrace it.

Image result for empath animals

Sometimes people don’t get me, and that’s okay. I can smell a phony a mile away and I have no problem cutting people out of my day, my conversations, my time, or out of my life. Once I do, it’s over, and I never look back. 
I shut down, go quiet, and need to regroup sometimes to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
I cannot handle other people’s drama or negativity for too long without feeling uneasy. Oftentimes people try and take advantage of my time and energy and sometimes I let them just to see how far they will go. When they go too far, I unplug from them and the holes in the outlet close.
I have a very small circle of people in my life who understand this. If you are one of them, I cherish you.

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Help for Indie Authors! Introducing “Indie Author Promotions”

Are you an Indie Author struggling to get your name out there? Are you lost in the whacky world of writing? Overwhelmed by Twitter, Facebook and CreateSpace?

If so, this new service for Indies is just for you!

Bestselling Author Lisa V. Proulx has created Indie Author Promotions with the desire to help struggling authors by “Giving Indie Authors Roots So Their Dreams Can Grow.”

A published author since 2004, Lisa wants to share her experience with authors who need help when it comes to promoting. With services such as: Book Promotion, Proofreading, Copy Editing, Featured Author Interviews, Tweets Only, and help with Facebook, Twitter, and Createspace, Lisa has created a “one stop shop” to benefit authors with her experience.

She will also be adding Book Cover Designs soon!


How it all got started

Two years ago, Lisa met an out of work Irishman, Chris Rush, who was visiting the United States. He wanted to be a screenwriter, and after talking to him and hearing his passion for writing, she decided to take him under her wing. She convinced him to go back to work and write a book instead of a screenplay.

She worked with him for two years, giving him names of editors, graphic artists, and even became a second set of eyes for his work by proofreading every word he wrote. Finally, his first book, a horror novel, “Folklore” was born and Lisa even set up his first book signing in his native Ireland in June 2016. He invited Lisa to be his special guest author at a signing in Dublin. This was his first book signing ever and Lisa’s first European one.

Since then, Chris’ career has taken off! His books are now sold all over Ireland and he has been interviewed multiple times by newspapers, on radio, and on television. He was even invited to join the Paranormal Research team of Ireland (PRI) where he gets to live out his dreams of being a ghost hunter.

I got to sit down with Lisa who was eager to talk about her new venture.

                                                                                                So Lisa, tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I am the bestselling author of 10 books, I’ve been ranked in the Top 100 Authors on Amazon Memoirs for 2014, 2015, and 2016, and I have been a newspaper feature writer and columnist for 16 years.

What is Indie Author Promotions and how did it come about?

I wrote my first book in 2004, Puncture, and it went nowhere. I continued to write a few short books that did the same thing, they just sat there. It took me years of learning, reading, studying, and just plain hard work, to figure out what I was doing wrong and what I needed to get the ball rolling with my books. Indie Author Promotions came about when I decided that so many Indie Authors needed help and I wanted to show them the ropes to help get them started.


What were you doing wrong?

I didn’t know how to promote or how to engage with my audience. I was just trying to sell a book instead of what I should have been doing and that was to become a friendly face and become someone my readers could get to know and hopefully like.


Do you see a lot of authors making the same mistake?

Oh absolutely! I see it all the time. Some new authors get on Twitter and do nothing but say, “Buy my book!” No one wants to hear that or buy a book by someone they are not connected with. Sometimes you might see a book that looks interesting and you buy it but people want to engage and know there is a human behind their posts and their tweets.


How can Indie Author Promotions help a new author or one who is struggling?

I can help them because I was them. I offer affordable pre-packaged social media programs designed to engage their audience. To me, I would rather work with a fellow Indie Author instead of a large corporation who will charge you a lot of money and not take a personal interest. I am very hands on and don’t let you fly alone until you are ready.

For example, when Chris’ book came out in March of this year, I didn’t just forget about him. I promoted him all over social media. I helped him with flyers, letters, book signings, and even booked him for his first American signing which he had in October of this year. Although he is now flying on his own, he still comes to me for advice and I am so proud of him! I see his Facebook posts and his Twitter tweets, he listened to me and is doing a great job of promoting himself. He travels all over the place doing book signings, interviews, and he is living his dreams as a paranormal investigator.

Two years ago, he was a struggling out of work wanna be screenwriter who had no clue how to get started. Now, he is living his dream!


Hearing a story like the one with your Irish friend is very impressive. What made it work for Chris?

He listened to me. He did everything I told him to do and he didn’t do anything I told him not to do. He was passionate about being a writer and he listened, plain and simple.


So dreams really can come true?

Absolutely! I am a firm believer if you can see it, you can achieve it.


Tell me about the service to be a Featured Author on a bestselling author’s blog.

This is a really neat service! I interview you, gather photos, links, and feature you on my Author Blog.

One author interview on my Author Blog will include: Interview with you, photos of you and your book (s), and links to all outlets that sell your book. I then promote you for one week on the blog that will go out to thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter plus be retweeted by my followers, and their followers, and so on.

I also promote you on the Indie Author Promotions Facebook page. On the day of the interview, I will send you the link so you can promote it too! It’s a pretty cool deal! I make you the star and feature you for one entire seven days!

All for $50 for one week!

You also offer proofreading and copy editing?


Yes, I am a certified Proofreader and Copy Editor and I do all the work myself at reasonable rates.


Did I hear correctly, you will soon be offering Book Cover Designs?

Yes! As an Indie Author I either pay for my book covers to be designed or I create them myself. Both ways have been great and both had caused me grief. I am not just an author, I am also an artist. It all comes down to being someone an author can trust to take care of their baby (their book) and you can trust me.


This all sounds so exciting and I can’t wait for Indie Author Promotions to take off! Where can an Indie Author contact you?

Thanks so much! They can email me at IndieAuthorPromotions@peoplepc.com or check out my website and contact me through the site www.indieauthorpromotions.com



(There are many more on the site, however they were not clients of Lisa’s at the time)

“Lisa really could not do enough for me. She made the process seem so easy and pain free, something I will always be thankful for. Being a person who will always look for a second set of eyes to look over my work, I would have no issue recommending her. Lisa’s promoting and support has helped me gain so many new contacts and followers, she really knows how to get your name out there.” Bestselling Irish Author Chris Rush, author of “Folklore” and the soon to be released, “All Shall Suffer” coming Friday, January 13, 2017.

Thanks for stopping by! ♥

lisa-hippy-picmonkeyLisa V. Proulx


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How Hard Is It To Be Kind To One Another?

I was at the drug store today and the clerk said, “You just blow in here like a little ball of sunshine don’t you?”

I said, “What do you mean?”

She laughed and said, “You come in here and brighten up the place, you make people smile, you get them talking to one another…you are just so positive! How do you do that every day?”

I leaned in and said, “I’ll tell ya a secret…that’s what we are all here to do but I am just one of the few people who get it.”

However, I didn’t use to get it, in fact, I was about as far away from “getting it” as someone could possibly be.

I had to go through the pits of hell until I could get it, until I could see that what I was doing was wrong and the way I was acting was the wrong way to treat people.

Now, I am a different person.

Let me tell you something, I cannot understand why we, as human beings, walk by one another without speaking to each other.

It only takes a second to speak to people, to say hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday, how are you today…whatever! Speak to each other!

It only takes a second to hold the door for someone, to offer an elderly person help with their groceries, to take a grocery cart back for someone, to let someone in line go ahead of you when they only have a few things and you have a cart full, to ask someone if they are doing okay…how hard is it?!?

Ya know, I have been through hell and I know what it’s like to be angry, be unhappy, and be mad at the world. I know what it’s like to be a bully and walk around with a chip on your shoulder. I used to be a rude person, a hateful, evil person who treated people like dirt. In short, I was a nasty, vindictive, bitch of a shrew. Do you know what that meant? It meant I was an unhappy person.

But I didn’t know what real unhappiness was until 2006…that is when my hell began and plunged me into a dark and dusty place and it took me almost four years to find my way out.

In that awful place, I lost myself for many years then suddenly I saw the light and I began to grow and change into another person.

No matter how hard it was for me during that time, I am now forever grateful for having gone through it.

I know what it’s like to be depressed and have suicidal thoughts haunt my mind and my sleep every day and every night and I know what it’s like to be alone. I know what it’s like to be scared of the next day and what I might do to get through or not get through it.

I also know what it’s like to wake up breathing and curse the fact that you are still alive.

It wasn’t until I went though hell and hit rock bottom that I was mowed down over and over again and I had no where to go but up, did I change. I CHANGED!!!

Rock bottom is the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

And believe me, I was a firm believer that people DID NOT change. I didn’t believe it until it happened to me.

Now I speak to everyone, I want to make people happy, to make them smile and to feel good about themselves. I want to be the person they think of when they are having a bad day. Think of me and smile and know that it will all be okay.

If I can change and make a difference in this world, so can you.

We need to realize that we are all in this together. We need to get along and make it work.

Be the person who makes a difference instead of just taking up space.

I am not ashamed to admit the kind of person I used to be, I tell you so you can see that it is possible for people to “get it” after going through such pain.

I learned to embrace the changes in my life and I chose to use them as opportunities to grow. You can too!

I know there will never be peace on Earth and not everyone will magically get along but we can do our part, even if it’s a small part, while we are here.

So the next time you pass someone on the street, speak to them and watch their reaction. I guarantee you they will smile and in turn, you will feel good too! ♥




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The Benefits of Learning A New Language

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Something New

When I was a little girl…I was obsessed with I Dream of Jeannie.

When I saw this beautiful woman with long blonde hair put her arms up over her head and shimmy her way into a magic bottle, I knew then, that I wanted to be a belly dancer.

However…it was not until I was 43 years old that I embraced the chance to learn how to dance and within a few short months, my instructor asked me to dance in her troupe and I belly danced for several years.

When I was a little girl…my father tried to teach me to speak French, his native language.

However…he said I was hopeless. He said, “I don’t understand you Lisa, you are a French kid but you are speaking French like an Italian kid. Nowhere on either side of your family are you Italian. I am French Canadian, your mother is French and Cherokee Indian, so why are you speaking Italian?”

I didn’t know.

He taught me a valuable lesson that day…be a sponge and soak up all the knowledge that you can.

If someone offers you a free class…take it.

If someone knows something you don’t…embrace and learn from that person.

If someone has valuable information that may help you in your career, your relationships, your life…then listen to them.

Over the years, I’ve regretted not knowing another language, I’ve regretted not being able to speak my father’s native tongue and I’ve regretted not learning enough from my father while he was here.

So…at 49 years old, I decided to learn another language. I was going to show my father, who passed away in 1986, that I can do this. I can learn a new language, master it and show him I can do this.

So…now I can speak Italian.

A little…un po! 🙂

But the point is, I’m learning and I didn’t think I was too old or too stupid to figure it out, I just wanted to learn something new and I didn’t let anything stand in my way.

Scientist have proven that our brains are a muscle and like our biceps, the more you use them, the stronger they get.

Benefits of learning a new language

Studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several benefits.

1. You become smarter

Speaking a foreign language improves your brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems.

2. Your decision-making skills improve

According to a study from the University of Chicago, bilinguals tend to make more rational decisions. Bilinguals are more confident with their choices after thinking it over in the second language and seeing whether their initial conclusions will stand up.

3. You improve your English

Learning a foreign language teaches you the mechanics of language: like grammar and sentence structure. You become more aware of language, and the ways it can be structured and manipulated.

Knowing these skills can make you a more effective communicator and a sharper editor and a stronger writer. Language speakers also develop a better ear for listening, since they’re skilled at distinguishing meaning from discreet sounds.

Guess what? These things are good! 🙂

So think about it, when was the last time you learned something new? Just for the fun of it or for the passion of enriching your personal growth.

In closing, let me leave you with a quote from Matthew Lesko:

“It’s never too late to change. It’s never too late to make your life more worthwhile. By the time you reach 50 or 60, you have a good chance of making it to 80 or even 90 years of age. And you might as well be doing what you really want to be doing in the next 40 years of your life, if you didn’t have the chance to do it in the first part.”

Lisa V. Proulx


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Giveaway! Free Kindle eBook on Amazon! WEEDMONKEY

Hi everyone!

I love the Fall, don’t you? There is something crisp and clean about the cooler breeze, the turning leaves and the magic in the air that surrounds All Hallows Eve. I love it!

October is also my favorite month so to honor the changing of the seasons, I am giving away a FREE copy of my latest book WEEDMONKEY.

My mom began writing this book when I was a little girl and I’ve heard the story many times. It is one of hardship, poverty and pain. It is, the true story of her childhood.

She wanted to write the book herself but for fear of scorn from her family (most of whom were still alive at the time) she put the book away, unfinished.

In 2006, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given three months to live. On her deathbed, she asked me to finish writing it for her. I lovingly said yes.

I know in my heart, she never thought it would see the light of day, yet in July of this year, it was released and it is now a Best Seller on Amazon.



Growing up during the Depression and forced to live in coal mining camps throughout Appalachia, Virgie Hopkins is subjected to child molestation, the KKK, murder, homelessness, starvation and ridicule for being the daughter of the town whore.

Virgie grows up hating her mother who was taken away when she was nine years old and while she was gone, she and her brother were put into foster care, starved and abused.

When her mother returned, she did not know her husband or her children and Virgie could not understand why she had changed.

At 16, Virgie made the decision to leave Kentucky and the only life she had ever known after discovering her prostitute mother was having an affair with the young boy Virgie loved.

Filled with hatred, resentment and shame for the woman she called Mom, it was not until her mother’s funeral, did she learn the horrible truth, the reason for her change and the reason why she became the town whore, a weedmonkey.

A haunting true story…

For your FREE Kindle copy of WEEDMONKEY on Amazon…follow the link below! Thank you for your continued love and support! 🙂


Learn more about me on my website…hope to see you there!



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Valentine’s Day Rock Star Groupie Giveaway

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

I know it’s only February 1st but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day month and as a way to celebrate your love for that special someone, I am having a Rock Star Groupie Giveaway!


All goodies that will entice your rock star and curl his hair (and his toes)

One lucky reader will win this rockin’ gift pack that includes:

*A FREE copy of my eBook (coming to paperback in February)

*Romantic Bath Soap

*Gourmet Coffees (Rich Chocolate and Irish Cream)

*A Chocolate Rose

*Bubble Bath

*A Rock and Roll Sparkly Pen (to get or give autographs)

*Love Debit Cards (Lunch Date, Picnic for Two, Trip to the Movies, Night on the Town)

*Sweet Pea Body Lotion

*Chocolate Covered Cherries (of course)

***SPECIAL BONUS: Bedroom Bucks! For all acts, Private and Naughty!!!***

You must be 18 to enter!


Simply leave a comment

What rock star would you spend the night with if you had the chance?

Contest open to all residents of the US and Canada who are 18 and over.

Contest will run from February 1 to February 7…that way, the winner will have time to receive their goodies and can use them on Valentine’s Day! 😉

One winner will be chosen at random and notified February 7th.

Thanks for entering and I hope you win!!! 😉


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Lick and a Promise~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie~Cover

Hi Kitties and welcome to your Monday afternoon!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day and getting ready for Santa. It’s a cold and dreary day here in Maryland but nothing can take away my sunshine!

I have three BIG REVEALS today!

I would like to introduce you to my pen name…Veronica Moreau.

I will be writing as Veronica when I write my sexy, steamy, hair curling (and toe curling) rock and roll novels!

But don’t worry horror and inspirational fans…you can still find me writing under Lisa V. Proulx.

I am so happy and excited to reveal the cover for my new book that will be released on January 8, 2013.

Lick and a Promise…Diary of a Rock Star Groupie


At 16, Poppy Bishop was a teenage runaway. At 18, she was in bed with the lead guitarist of one the biggest bands in rock history. She went on to become Poppy Bleu, a “famous” groupie who bedded rock stars, their wives (and girlfriends) and became a junkie by the time she was 21. However, she never forgot her first rock star…and he never forgot her.

 For over 20 years, Poppy Bleu was known in the rock and roll world as the best backstage lay and liked, loved and hated by some of the world’s biggest rock stars. Her story is one of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and how she went from groupie to junkie to author and became the love of a lead guitarist’s life who saved her from a life of ruin.

 LICK AND A PROMISE is Book One in the Rock Star Series

A Look Inside…

The expensive leather couch was cool and comforting under my teenage skin. It had just the right amount of give as he pressed me down into the soft cushion. It must have cost thousands, I thought as he kissed me.

His skin, like muscled velvet, tan and smooth and only a slight wisp of black hair on his chest lay gently on my barely boobed top half.

“Is she coming home soon?” I asked softly, trying not to break the mood. Dumb question from a dumb kid.

“Who…?” he moaned.

“Her, you know, your wife.”

Still pumping away, he grunted, “Oh, not till late. Out spending more of my money. She’ll be gone for hours.”

I realized that while a man is on top of you, it’s probably not a good idea to mention his wife, especially when you are in their home on their expensive leather couch doing things to her husband that she thought only she was allowed to do.

I laid there thinking how I had fantasized about this moment. This rock star god was no longer in my dreams or on my wall but he had become a reality and that reality was on top of me fucking me into oblivion.


I am proud to announce that I have a brand new website!


This will be my new “home” and you can find everything you want to know about Lisa and Veronica…well not everything…I have to keep some things a secret don’t I.

The Beauty behind my big Reveals

My awesome and sexy cover AND my kick-ass website was designed and created by my close friend and author

Ranae Rose


Ranae is a Best Selling Author who writes Romantic, Erotic Fiction which will make your heart beat faster!

She is an amazing friend and brilliant author! Check out her site for more info on her books and personal appearances!

Look for her to drop by and say hello in the coming weeks! For now, check out her latest book BATTERED NOT BROKEN…which will release on December 19th!

Monthly Newsletter

Starting January 8th, with the release of my latest book, I will be sending out my monthly newsletter.

For those of you who have requested to be on my mailing list, you can expect your first edition in your email on January 8th.


As always, thank you so much for your continued love and support!

Lisa/aka Veronica Moreau

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Cool Links for Writers…Publish Us…Write Articles and Get Paid!

Good morning Sunshine!

Welcome to your Thursday! I hope your day so far is finding you in good spirits and ready to face the day head on!

Today I wanted to share with you a bunch of goodies…all cool and informative links for writers.

As a writer myself, I know how hard it is to break into the biz, find an agent or a publisher who will even give you the time of day and I think it’s cool if we help one another. Hey, we are all in this together right!

So here they are…enjoy!












“Ruin and recovering are both from within.” – Epictetus

Epictetus, the Roman-era Stoic philosopher, lived a very ascetic life, believing that happiness came from living “according to the will of nature” and that free will comes from how we respond to circumstances. He was born in 55 AD in what is now Turkey and spent most of his life in Rome. He spent his youth as a slave and became crippled due to his master’s harsh treatment. He was later exiled to Greece, where he founded a school and wrote his most famed work, The Discourses. He died in 135.

Have you heard of Publish Us? It’s a website where authors can write articles and get paid for their work!







I love to hear from my readers, whether good, bad or anything in between!

If you are interested in reviewing my books, interviewing me or being a guest on my blog, please contact me at Magicforest@peoplepc.com

Let me know if you want to be added to my distro list for upcoming book info!

I’ll also let you know about new releases, contests and other fun stuff and you’ll find out all the juicy stuff before anyone else does!

Twitter: @LisaVProulx



Smashwords Author Profile

Author Blog:  https://lisavproulx.wordpress.com/

Groupie Blog, Lick and A Promise: http://lickandapromise.wordpress.com/

FaceBook Author Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa-V-Proulx-Author-Fan-Page/223212131077410

And as always, thank you for your continued love and support! 🙂

(¸.·´ (¸.·’*Lisa¸.·*´¨)

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Why are so many people unhappy?

Why are so many people unhappy?

I was at a department store today and I overheard two sales clerks talking. They were complaining about the workplace, the hours, the other employees…speaking in hushed tones as though no one around them could hear their negative words.

They did not know that only a few feet away from them, I, who can hear the grass grow, could hear every word.

As I listened to them, I thought to myself, why are so many people unhappy?

Unhappy in their work, unhappy in their relationships, unhappy in their life…

I can go into any grocery store at any time of the day and be met with a surly, grumpy employee who will no doubt ignore me if I was on fire.

When I ask them how they are, I am met with, “Is it 5:00 yet?” or the droll “I’m still here…”

I can talk to just about every other woman on the street who is in an unhappy relationship and she will be more than happy to tell me her tale of woe. Why?

I know women who live with men who cheat on them and they tolerate it. Why? Then they complain about being so miserable. Why?

I know people who have children and all they do is complain about them. Why? I cannot have children after losing twin boys back in 1998. I would love to have my sons here with me today. Be thankful for the children you have.

I used to be a miserable person. I hate to admit that however it’s true. I was sullen, arrogant, controlling, judgmental and a times, downright rude.

I was just a miserable shrew and I guess now that I am not…I am so far away from that horrible person, that I can see that trait in others.

I get it.

FaceBook is another example of misery. I know, I know, I am a big time FaceBook fan and enjoy it for the most part however there are so many posts on there that are a turn off to me.

I understand that everyone has a bad day or gets sick but do you have to post about it all the time? I had to turn off one post from a woman who is ill and every single day, ALL day long, her posts reflect her illness. Nothing positive is ever talked about.

Did it ever occur to her that she is drawing more illness into her life?

I see people on there who are angry and some threaten others…some badmouth everyone and spread hate and negative energy.

I don’t want to be around that, do you?

I am not little Mary Sunshine every day however it’s important for me to spread joy to others and to make a difference in someone’s life…a positive difference.

Back in 2006, I lost my mother after a short illness. After her death, I was thrown into a black pit of loss and despair. One by one tragedies befell me until the person I knew before no longer existed.

I was an empty shell, a nothing, a nobody…I wanted to die and die I did. I thank God for that death

It took three years to live again and see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that it was not a train but the sun and it wanted me to live again, to love again, to breathe.

It had faith in me when to me, all faith had been lost.

It was then and only then did the old me go away and die. It just withered up and died right there and in its place was a new person, a reborn person who was no longer unhappy, I was no longer someone who was full of anger and bitterness, someone who could finally see the sun through the clouds and I learned to love others in a deep and profound way.

Out of that darkness came the book THE RAINBOW WON’T WAIT…which is “a dying mother’s advice for the obstinate daughter she is leaving behind…” a brutally raw look at caring for a dying mother while I too, was dying inside.


Life is good…it is also short and as my mother always said, it gets shorter as we age and it goes faster too…so the next time you are unhappy, stop and ask yourself why…

Listen to that inner voice inside and fill that black hole of anger and doubt with positive energy and joy. The Universe will thank you for it and so will I.

I choose to be happy…how about you? 🙂


“This book brought me back to a teenage year, I was eighteen, when I lost a very important person in my life. I was young and trying to be a (everything) to everybody and this booked helped me to realize, that I did do what I was supposed to do in supporting this very important person while she was dying.

As you grow older and start your own family you hide these feeling (kinda) but as you grow older and your life settles down… they come out. Because of you telling your story made my guilt lessen. Thank you for writing this book and telling your story. Now every time I see a rainbow I will remember this very important person and think of your supportive chapters in your book. Good luck to you.”  D

“This is a wonderful book that touches on many emotions that we go through when we are dealing with a crisis, especially a prolonged one. The wisdom and courage of both Lisa and her mother came shining through in her writing. I can’t remember the last time I read a book that touched me this much!” Gail
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“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.”
— Dalai Lama

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