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Being an Empath-I can smell a phony a mile away

My mother Victoria was a third generation psychic medium. She knew things, she saw things, but she never told anyone. Well, sometimes she did but she grew up in an age where if people heard or saw things that weren’t really there, they were locked away in a rubber room. So she kept quiet.

I grew up with more mediumship abilities than psychic and I am a natural born empath. What is an Empath? An Empath is a person who can psychically tune into the emotional experience of a person, place, or animal.

At one time, it scared me to be so sensitive to sounds, energy, and vibrations but now I embrace it.

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Sometimes people don’t get me, and that’s okay. I can smell a phony a mile away and I have no problem cutting people out of my day, my conversations, my time, or out of my life. Once I do, it’s over, and I never look back. 
I shut down, go quiet, and need to regroup sometimes to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
I cannot handle other people’s drama or negativity for too long without feeling uneasy. Oftentimes people try and take advantage of my time and energy and sometimes I let them just to see how far they will go. When they go too far, I unplug from them and the holes in the outlet close.
I have a very small circle of people in my life who understand this. If you are one of them, I cherish you.

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Hi again everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your day so far! It turned out to be pretty nice here in Maryland, sunny but cool and at least there is no snow! Steve is outside playing with his new toy, his new wood splitter and having a blast splitting wood and throwing it into a pile!

Hey, I wanted to introduce you to some good friends of mine, Jim and Tammy Wolfe. I have known Tammy for over 20 years and recently met her new husband Jim. They are a cool, laid back 70’s couple who just happen to be paranormal investigators, in other words, they hunt GHOSTS…and sometimes they find them!!! Other times, the ghost find them!

Their group is called Spirits Paranormal Investigative Services (SPIS), and they live near me in a 100 year old haunted house that is so cool when you walk inside. It has a really good vibe to it and has a down home earthy feel that makes you want to take off your shoes and lay on the couch.  🙂

I recently got to interview them and you will LOVE their spooky website! It is full of real life EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and they are some of the best ones you will ever hear!

But be warned…don’t wait till the sun goes down to listen these voices from the other side, you may not be able to sleep tonight!

I was unable to put their eerie photo from their website on here, it was too large for my old computer to hande but go to their site and check it out! It is the scene of the first haunted house they ever investigated and it has a very dark and evil history!

Hope you have a great day and thanks so much for stopping by to say hello! 🙂

There is arguably no topic in human history that incites as much contemptuous disbelief and passionate dedication as the existence of life after death.

Many people are taught at an early age that the idea of spirits walking the Earth is impossible and they could never conceive of such a thought.

But what if they really did exist and walk among us? What if spirits of the dead were trying to contact us or simply seek out “sensitives” who can hear and understand them?

Well, Jim and Tammy Wolfe  are on a mission to find those and many other answers among the dead.

Founders of the paranormal investigation group, Spirits Paranormal Investigative Services (SPIS), their desire is to “prove or disprove the existence of spirits and to document our findings by scientific and psychic means.”

Located in Brownsville, SPIS was founded by Jim four years ago.

Jim who retired as an accounting controller after 25 years has always had a keen interest in quantum physics. He took an interest in the paranormal after a friend suggested he watch, “Ghost Hunters“, a popular television show based in Rhode Island. The show features a team of paranormal investigators who are invited to homes, businesses and even ships to search for spirit activity.

Jim feels that some of the leading theories of quantum mechanics can help explain the paranormal in terms of natural physical occurrences.

Quantum mechanics suggest that the paranormal phenomena that investigators search for is not only real, but can be explained as natural processes of the universe.

After watching the show, he became intrigued by the idea of wanting to find out more about life after death. He was also impressed by all of the gadgets used in hunting ghosts and he bought a few to get started himself.

These gadgets are not toys and can run in the thousands of dollars for a single piece.

The equipment that Jim and his team use are EMF Detectors, KII-EMF Detector, TES – 1393 Tri Axle EMF Detector, Mel Meter 8704 – EMF Detector, Mel Meter 8704R Pro Navigator – EMF Detector w/KII.

Recorders-Sony ICD P210 – Voice Recorder Zoom H4N – Stereo Recorder.

Cameras-Sony HDR-SR11 – Hi Def handy cam with Carlo Zeiss lens, including wide angle, night vision, with stand alone IR light.

Olympus Styles 410 – digital still camera, all weather.

Each piece of equipment is designed for a specific use in the hunt for spirits.

For example, an EMF Detector can pick up electronic fields at a variety of frequencies. Usually, where there are ghosts, there are disruptions in the electronic magnetic field.
EMF meters measure electromagnetic emissions given off by those things that create energy.

Emissions associated with paranormal activity are often erratic and fluctuate often. Thus, most ghost hunter EMF meters are designed to detect readings that follow this pattern.

The Mel Meter Model 8704R measures EMF and temperature “cold spots” and vibrations.

Thermal imaging from drops in temperature to hearing disembodied voices can all be tracked with the above equipment.

As you can see, there is more to hunting ghosts than crawling into a dark space with a flashlight and a tape recorder.

Jim has had Parkinson’s Disease for approximately 14 years and has had multiple Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries. This means that he has two leads implanted deep into his brain that is attached to a battery that is implanted in his chest to help control some of the tremors. It is because of this that Jim feels he captures some of the best EVP’s that have ever been heard.

For you non-ghost hunters, an EVP is an Electronic Voice Phenomenon that can only be heard through electronic equipment created for the purpose of hearing such voices. In other words, these spirit voices cannot be heard with the naked ear.

He also feels an electrifying experience he had many years ago as the manager of a Roy Rogers Restaurant, may also play a part in his ability to “receive” voices.

He was called into the kitchen where there was a complaint that the oven was shocking those who tried to use it. Jim took a look at it, and while trying to find the cause of the shocks, became electrocuted. He was pulled away to safety but only in the nick of time.
Jim’s first investigation took him to an old abandoned house with a very dark history.

Inside he heard sounds of horses and found remnants of children in the attic. This gave Jim the desire to look further into the paranormal realm.

Jim is not alone on these investigations. His wife Tammy, who has been interested in the paranormal for many years, often accompanies him on the road. She had her first personal experience while staying in an old family home after her grandmother had passed away. She has participated in a number of investigations where the crew have gotten class A EVP’s.

Class A meaning completely audible and no one has to tell you what the spirit said.
Class B are good ones but still not perfect and Class C’s are iffy and you may have to strain or listen to them several times to understand them.

Jim’s first professional investigation took place at Gabriel’s Inn in Ijamsville about four years ago.

While on the tour of the residence, Jim and his crew were taken down to the wine cellar where he caught his first EVP. The voice simply said, “Patrick.”  Jim was elated. “It was the first real evidence that I had caught on tape. It made my day!”

Their next house was in New Market and was built in the late 1700‘s. They have finished the preliminary investigation and are in the process of scheduling a full investigation.
The Preliminary Investigation was done by Jim and an investigative medium.

According to Jim, “This is a very active home and we got in excess of 80 EVP’s in a two hour session and the medium had many communications with spirits. Most of the EVP’s were considered to be “intelligent.”’

There are two basic types of hauntings, intelligent spirits and residual energy.

An intelligent haunting is usually a spirit who is aware of its surroundings and most often its situation. The spirit is able to maintain its identity, personality and memories after death. They can be good, bad, evil or simply lonely. In other words, you can hold a conversation with an intelligent spirit.

Residual hauntings are not the same as intelligent hauntings and are one of the phenomena that have mystified paranormal investigators for decades. These are hauntings that are moments in time that play over and over again, like a broken record. They are also usually more nondescript than an intelligent haunting. They can be anything from a woman screaming to a baby crying or even music playing from an era long ago.

Jim comments on the fact that so many investigations take place at night. Oftentimes, this is for convenience if the residence or business is occupied. But as Jim says if a place is haunted at night, then it is haunted during the day and one does not need to wait until a dark and stormy night to investigate.

The crew get in and get their job done and do not feel that it should take hours and hours to investigate.

He also does not believe that it takes a village to find a ghost. He likes to keep his team small and intimate which prevents contamination and it is also better for the spirits involved.

Too many cooks spoil the soup!

After each investigation, Jim and his crew do research that can corroborate any of their findings.

Aside from investigating, Jim will be giving Ghost Hunting classes. He is forming a “Ghost Hunting 101” workshop and will only be allowing 10 participants to sign up for classes.
“We’ll be going over all the equipment and tips for the hunt! That night, after the workshop, you will experience a haunted residence and use the skills you learned that day.”

Sounds like a frightfully good time!

Jim and his crew want to invite you to contact them if you feel you have a haunting in your home or place of business.

They guarantee complete anonymity.

They will also do research on your location for historical information that will aid both you and SPIS in determining the cause of the disturbance.

The crew will start by doing a preliminary investigation which usually takes about an hour and usually they use at least one investigator and one Psychic Investigative Medium.
Then they do a reveal that generally consists of a written analysis report with historical documents and they will show you any audio or visual evidence, once again with complete anonymity.

They do not charge money for any investigations and we will keep their findings confidential upon your request. They do ask that if they are able to document activity, that they are given permission to post the findings on their web site without giving up your anonymity.

Tammy adds that the couple wants to “figure it all out” and help people calm their fears. Their crew is honest, reliable, discreet and confidential.

The newlywed couple, who married on August 26, 2011, live in a spirit active 100 year old home in Pleasant Valley.

For general information or to have the team investigate for you, contact them at Info@superspis.com or contact Jim directly at jim@superspis.com or check out their website…http://superspis.com/Home_Page.php

They can also be found on FaceBook.


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