The Benefits of Learning A New Language

You Are Never Too Old To Learn Something New

When I was a little girl…I was obsessed with I Dream of Jeannie.

When I saw this beautiful woman with long blonde hair put her arms up over her head and shimmy her way into a magic bottle, I knew then, that I wanted to be a belly dancer.

However…it was not until I was 43 years old that I embraced the chance to learn how to dance and within a few short months, my instructor asked me to dance in her troupe and I belly danced for several years.

When I was a little girl…my father tried to teach me to speak French, his native language.

However…he said I was hopeless. He said, “I don’t understand you Lisa, you are a French kid but you are speaking French like an Italian kid. Nowhere on either side of your family are you Italian. I am French Canadian, your mother is French and Cherokee Indian, so why are you speaking Italian?”

I didn’t know.

He taught me a valuable lesson that day…be a sponge and soak up all the knowledge that you can.

If someone offers you a free class…take it.

If someone knows something you don’t…embrace and learn from that person.

If someone has valuable information that may help you in your career, your relationships, your life…then listen to them.

Over the years, I’ve regretted not knowing another language, I’ve regretted not being able to speak my father’s native tongue and I’ve regretted not learning enough from my father while he was here.

So…at 49 years old, I decided to learn another language. I was going to show my father, who passed away in 1986, that I can do this. I can learn a new language, master it and show him I can do this.

So…now I can speak Italian.

A little…un po! :)

But the point is, I’m learning and I didn’t think I was too old or too stupid to figure it out, I just wanted to learn something new and I didn’t let anything stand in my way.

Scientist have proven that our brains are a muscle and like our biceps, the more you use them, the stronger they get.

Benefits of learning a new language

Studies have found that speaking two or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently than single language speakers, and these differences offer several benefits.

1. You become smarter

Speaking a foreign language improves your brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different language systems.

2. Your decision-making skills improve

According to a study from the University of Chicago, bilinguals tend to make more rational decisions. Bilinguals are more confident with their choices after thinking it over in the second language and seeing whether their initial conclusions will stand up.

3. You improve your English

Learning a foreign language teaches you the mechanics of language: like grammar and sentence structure. You become more aware of language, and the ways it can be structured and manipulated.

Knowing these skills can make you a more effective communicator and a sharper editor and a stronger writer. Language speakers also develop a better ear for listening, since they’re skilled at distinguishing meaning from discreet sounds.

Guess what? These things are good! :)

So think about it, when was the last time you learned something new? Just for the fun of it or for the passion of enriching your personal growth.

In closing, let me leave you with a quote from Matthew Lesko:

“It’s never too late to change. It’s never too late to make your life more worthwhile. By the time you reach 50 or 60, you have a good chance of making it to 80 or even 90 years of age. And you might as well be doing what you really want to be doing in the next 40 years of your life, if you didn’t have the chance to do it in the first part.”

Lisa V. Proulx

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The Super Power of Paying Attention

Taken from a speech I gave with Toastmasters

The Superpower of Paying Attention

I have ADD.

I have never been diagnosed with ADD, nor have I been to a doctor and been treated for it but I know down deep in my heart that I have it.

How do I know? Well, it’s hard for me to stay focused and I…oh my God did you see that new show on TV last night…oh look a squirrel…I saw a rock. :)

So, in order for me to rein in my ferris wheel, as Steve calls it, and get to the point, I try and study other speakers who seem to have a better grasp on their thoughts than I do.

One speaker I admire is Bill Clinton,

Now no matter what side of the political fence you mow your grass on, there is no denying that if you study Bill Clinton, you can’t help but wonder what makes this man so personable.

There is a warmth and a down home goodness in his words and mannerisms and I, as an aspiring motivational speaker, want to learn from him.

He has a superpower, and it’s not the one you’re thinking of, that has made him one of the greatest speakers of our time and he is certainly a man who knows how to win friends and influence people.

I have never been concerned about him one way or the other however I admire his public speaking skills and I wanted to delve further into what made this gentle and seemingly quiet man so powerful and charismatic.

So, what did I find out was the secret to his success? It’s simple: His legendary charisma stems from the full and undivided attention he gives to every single person he meets.

Paying attention may sound easy to do but most of us don’t apply our full focus when interacting with other people.

Most of us are so distracted and try to multi-task that it seems the ability to completely engage with another person, instead of their cell phone, has become an unusual trait.

Consider this, the average Smartphone user checks his device every six and a half minutes, or…that on average we give only one-third of our attention to the person we’re having a conversation with.

So someone who can completely and utterly pay attention to you is not only impressive but it’s rare.

How can we learn to completely give someone our undivided attention?

Well, there are certain things that studying speakers like Bill Clinton have taught me:

Attention is about empathy

When speaking to someone, look them in the eye and ask questions. Don’t always make everything about you, ask them about their life, and be genuinely concerned.

One thing I like to do is to keep a mental file on someone. It may sound silly and borderline creepy, but it shows the other person I was paying attention. So the next time I run into them, I can impress them by asking:

“How did your daughter make out on her driving test?”

“Did your son make the football team? I know how excited he was to join.”

“How did your mom’s surgery go? I hope she is okay.”

They will think to themselves, hey she really cares about me and guess what, I do.

Say these things with feeling and mean them.

 Attention can make the difference between a strong and a weak communicator

There is a difference between talking at people and talking to or with them.

Paying attention can be your secret weapon.

When someone approaches you after your speech, focus on them, listen, thank them for coming and make them feel like they are the only person in the room.

Remember the saying, they may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. And that feeling…will have them coming back for more.

People can tell when you’re actually listening to them – and they love it

Everyone wants to be acknowledged. Learn to connect with people, look them in the eye and listen to what they have to say. Everyone has a story to tell and as a communicator, we often learn more by listening than we do by talking.

Showing concern and interest in another shows not only respect but also a love for human nature and when you are genuinely listening to someone, it makes them feel recognized. In turn, you feel good as well.

Eye contact matters

According to Psychology Today eye contact is the “strongest form of nonverbal communication.” It’s a commanding display of your attention.

After meeting someone for the first time, take their hand and make eye contact. After you leave and move on to the next person, look back at them and seal the deal.

That is powerful and that kind of acknowledgement leaves a lasting impression on someone.

You can improve your ability to pay attention

When it comes to paying attention, great practitioners aren’t born — they’re made.

One way to improve your ability to engage and communicate with others is through meditation. I do this myself every day.

Studies have shown that meditation can improve concentration and focus and gives us an increased ability to avoid distractions. Just as exercise can improve the body, meditation and mindfulness can build your attention muscle through regular training.

Using meditation can help you stay well balanced and can make you more effective in every aspect of your life.

So in conclusion, mediation has helped me in my quest to take over the world…oh look something shiny…

Lisa V. Proulx

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FREE Today Rock and Roll Romance LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie

If you like rock stars (and who doesn’t) why not spend your summer with one!

It’s already hot outside during the day so let’s steam up our nights as well!

I am offering my eBook LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie FREE today on Amazon!



Can one night turn into forever…

*For Mature Audiences Only*

During the era of Classic Rock, Poppy Bishop was a teenage runaway. At 18, she was in bed with the lead guitarist of one of the biggest bands in rock history. She went on to become Poppy Bleu, a “famous” groupie who bedded rock stars, their wives (and girlfriends) and became a junkie by the time she was 21. However, she never forgot her first rock star…and he never forgot her.

For over 20 years, Poppy Bleu was known in the rock and roll world as the best backstage lay and liked, loved and hated by some of the world’s biggest rock stars. Her story is one of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and how she went from groupie to junkie to author and became the love of a lead guitarist’s life who saved her from a life of ruin.

Excerpt…“He slowly placed me on his lap. We were now face to face. Oh man, did he smell good. I could have licked his face off right then and there. I was like a kid in a candy factory, a drunk in a liquor store…a groupie on a rock star’s lap. I could die now and be happy.”

Want more…here’s your link…Enjoy! :)

About Veronica

Veronica Moreau is the pen name of best-selling author Lisa V. Proulx.

As Veronica, she writes steamy romance  with a rock and roll edge.

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Look At Your Life Like A Garden

I love flowers. I love to look at them, to smell them, to touch them.

Although I love bouquets of them, I try not to pick them so the person who comes along after me, can enjoy them as well.

I have always had flowers in my life. A small garden on the side of the house or a row of flowers along a border or a fence.

And although roses are nice, I am a wildflower girl through and through.

As I have gotten older, I look at my life like a garden.

The big, tall sturdy ones in the back surrounding (and sometimes supporting) the smaller, more fragile ones in the front. In the middle there is a nice mixture of plump or fluffy ones to help round out my garden.


Sadly, what happens in your backyard garden happens in your life garden. Weeds will grow and try to overcome and strangle the flowers and you have no choice but to pull them from your ground.

Sometimes the weeds resemble flowers and you hate to pull them since they are nice and cozy in your garden but you know deep down inside, they have to go.

Other times the weeds aren’t really hurting anything, they are just taking up space and energy that could be put to better use.

Then there are the ones who have been there the longest. You hate to see them go but you have outgrown them and they are only keeping your garden from growing to its full potential.

I am at a point in my life where I feel that my garden is getting overcrowded. I feel pressured and stressed and am taking on too many weeds. It’s time once again to clear the clutter and start pulling up weeds.


I am surrounded by other people’s drama and problems, being pulled in this direction and that and being dragged into things that are none of my business.

I am taking on other people’s energy and it is wearing me down.

I am carrying around other people’s luggage because they can’t carry them on their own and believe me, they don’t pack light.

So, it’s time to start weeding my garden again and each time I get down in the dirt, feel the grit and grim between my fingers and start pulling them up, one by one, my garden starts to flourish once again.


Tips for weeding your garden of life

1. Never feel guilty about pulling up weeds. You may love them and care about them but you are not responsible for them to grow.

2. Don’t be someone else’s sounding board. It’s okay to listen to your friends and be there for them but when you are only being used as a way to vent, dump or drop off their problems, you will feel it, so walk away.

3. Don’t get involved in other people’s drama. Don’t let a fighting couple drag you in and force you to pick sides. Stay out of it and mind your own business.

4. Surround yourself with positive people. Stay away from people who bring you down, cut you down, don’t support your feelings and make you feel drained every time you are around them. We all know people like this so pull them from your garden.

5. It may be difficult to pull weeds from your garden but it must be done. Some will be stubborn and hard to pull but do it anyway. Others will come up easily as though the soil was ready to release them. Let them go.

Once your garden is weed free, know that it will not stay that way and you must enjoy the flowers while they are in bloom and when the weeds begin to grow again, pull them up as well.

Happy gardening! :)




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5 Things A Raccoon Taught Me About Life

I grew up on a 27 acre farm in Maryland and spent weekends at our larger farm in West Virginia. There, we had over 200 acres of mountains, a creek, a family (not our family) graveyard and all the wildlife you could handle.

My childhood was spent with mud pies, Barbie dolls, tire swings, and treehouses. We also rescued every animal that came into our yard.

My mother was Cherokee and said, “You never have to look for an animal, if he needs you, he will find you.”

This is how I grew up.

A few weeks ago, Steve called and said he was bringing me a present. In the background, I could hear alien like noises that didn’t sound like a handful of wildflowers (my favorite) a diamond ring or a box of chocolates. When I asked him what it was, he told to wait and see.

When he came home an hour later, he was carrying two baby raccoons, about three weeks old! They were squealing like banshees! I was terrified of these loud, wild animals until I got a closer look.

They were orphaned, hungry and about to be put down when Steve intervened.

I did all sorts of research about baby raccoon care so we started bottle feeding them with the intention of releasing them when they were 12-14 weeks old.


The next day, I was in love!

I knew they were wild animals and one could never really own a wild animal could they? I also knew that being wild, they may one day turn on me so I tried not to get too attached.

I made sure they were warm, had plenty of fresh water and I would hide food from them so they could learn how to forage on their own once they were released.

As the days went by, I would go out in the yard to check on them and find them high up in the trees and when they heard my voice, they would scurry down to “find” their breakfast that I had hidden on the nearby woodpile.

Now after a couple of months, they have a home in our back yard and our back porch. They have plenty of land to roam, plenty of fresh water and food and fruit trees galore! They are in paradise!



I had no idea that they would purr like kittens when you pet them or that they would chase a ball like a puppy. They love to be rolled on their backs and have their tummys tickled, just like a dog.

In watching these lovable little creatures, I have learned some lessons from them that I thought pertained to life in general.

5 Things A Racoon Taught Me About Life 

1. Climb High

Always reach for the highest branch and don’t be afraid to take a risk!

2. If You Fall Down~Get Back Up

Sure, you are going to fall down in life, but get up, shake it off and try again.

3. Be Curious

Never lose your sense of curiousity! Always be open to learn more, do more and be more adventurous!

4. Be Playful

Always find time to play! Life is to be enjoyed and every day should include some type of playtime. Why are kids the only ones who get to have recess? You are never too old to climb a tree.

5. Grapes Are Good

If there is one thing a raccoon likes to eat, it’s a grape! Eat healthy foods and take care of your body. Grapes are very filling and a delicious snack that you can eat anytime.

Lisa V. Proulx




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Have a Spring Fling with a ROCKSTAR for just .99 Cents!

With the winter blues still hanging around, wouldn’t it be nice to get all cozy and warm with a rockstar? I think it would be so here is what I’m gonna do!

For a Spring Fling…the month of April, my erotic rock and roll romance LICK AND A PROMISE~Diary of a Rock Star Groupie will be just .99 cents on Amazon! Yep, that’s right, just .99 cents!

So, what’s it all about you might ask, well I’ll tell ya:

When I was 17 I was in love, I mean in LOVE with a famous rock band and the lead guitarist had my heart! Oh yeah!

Long story short, this book is based on an actual experience I had with him and the adventure that followed after his wife kicked me off their property.

Written under my pen name…Veronica Moreau…



*For Mature Audiences Only*

During the era of Classic Rock, Poppy Bishop was a teenage runaway. At 18, she was in bed with the lead guitarist of one of the biggest bands in rock history. She went on to become Poppy Bleu, a “famous” groupie who bedded rock stars, their wives (and girlfriends) and became a junkie by the time she was 21. However, she never forgot her first rock star…and he never forgot her.

For over 20 years, Poppy Bleu was known in the rock and roll world as the best backstage lay and liked, loved and hated by some of the world’s biggest rock stars. Her story is one of sex, drugs, and rock and roll and how she went from groupie to junkie to author and became the love of a lead guitarist’s life who saved her from a life of ruin.

Excerpt…”He slowly placed me on his lap. We were now face to face. Oh man, did he smell good. I could have licked his face off right then and there. I was like a kid in a candy factory, a drunk in a liquor store…a groupie on a rock star’s lap. I could die now and be happy.”

What happy people are saying about this book!
“The story followed the path of a teen runaway into the rock world and drug addiction. The main character was drawn with stark realism. The reader roots for her ultimate victory even while loathing some of her actions. The story is gritty and painful but well worth the read. I read and write rock star romance and thoroughly enjoyed this story. “Flower Power“I love to read, I fly through books left and right. But I seriously couldn’t put the book down last night. I looked up and realized that I had to be to work in 3 hours. Not much on rock and roll nor drugs but this book pulled me in. Love the details you paint an excellent picture of the times and life. Thanks for the terrific read you are a talented author. Must ask will we be seeing more of Poppy?”

Flower Power
“Seriously skankalicious! I finished in 3 days Poppys wild ride kept me up at night! A Lick and a Promise brought back memories of my teenage fantasies. Looking forward to the next book and many more of Poppy’s adventures!”
Flower Power
“If you want a break from the norm and an escape to the glamorous and gritty world of rock and roll then you will enjoy this exciting tale of young Poppy Bleu. I read it in a week and couldn’t put it down. You can easily get hooked on this book about drugs, sex, rock concerts, rock gods, and one girl who was turned onto the scene by her old friend Peggy who moved in across the street when she was in junior high. Does it have a happy ending? You’ll just have to read to find out.”
Flower Power
“I couldn’t put the book down! I’m definitely a mom with little spare time to herself….but I made the time to finish this book in just a few days! Poppy’s journey keeps you entraced the entire time! I enjoyed trying to guess which rock stars the author was describing…it helped bring all of the characters to life. This is a great book which delivers its promise! It was hot to say the least! Great job Veronica! Can’t wait to read your future best sellers!”
Flower Power
“Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to be taken on the RIDE of your life folks! This book has explicit sex and it’s no hold barred~ don’t go looking for your normal girl meets boy romance here cause that’s not what this one is about! I think Lick and a Promise is an FANFREAKINGTASTIC read! I loved the “real” life aspects shown in the book! The drug addiction, married rock stars, twosomes, threesomes ~ well you get the picture!!!
Flower Power
Take a journey with Poppy as she recounts her youth and see if she ends up with her “Rock Star” and while on that journey see if you recognize some of the industries biggest stars during that era! I highly recommend you READ this book NOW!!!”
And a whole lot more…!!!
So why not have a Spring Fling of your own and check out LICK AND A PROMISE…and learn a few new groupie tricks on how to keep your own rockstar happy…trust me, your man will thank me! ;)
on Amazon Kindle
and in KDP Select




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